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Managing school admissions can be complex and time-consuming for local authorities, schools and parents. Synergy’s schools admissions solution from Servelec enables parents to apply for school places online, removing the need for local authorities and schools to spend days entering data. Synergy manages the admissions, transfers and appeals processes across all schools and key stages from nursery to secondary, along with transfers and in-year admissions.

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A clear, flexible way to manage school admissions

The school management software records details of school capacities, applications for places, decisions and automatic allocations based on specified criteria against admissions policies. Synergy provides a powerful and flexible search and selection process, so school place applications can be quickly retrieved and updated.

Modules within Synergy's School Admissions Management solution

Admissions Management

Admissions Management is a user-friendly Windows based application that records details of school capacities, attendance applications, appeals and placements. Offering a comprehensive online schools admission system, Synergy allows for powerful and flexible search and selection of school place applications, efficient bulk processing based on the admissions criteria for either the local authority or the individual school, and it can run stand alone or as a part of the integrated suite of software.

Synergy Parent Portal

Parents can apply for school places online using the user-friendly Synergy Parent Portal, which can also be accessed on mobile devices for busy parents on the go. Parents can view all the information they need and make their preferences quickly with validations in place to help them enter the correct information. Parents are kept up-to-date with their application in the portal, and are able to accept/decline offers and appeal decisions.

School Access

Using Synergy’s school access control system, schools can view all applications to them, including all parent-supplied information via the Parent Portal. Schools are able to securely download all pupil information for import into their MIS system at the end of the enrolment process. Own Admissions Authority Schools can rank applicants online with the local authority able to see this in real-time. Primary Schools are able to see whether their pupils have made preferences, and can support parents where necessary.

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Geographical Information System Software

The Geographical Information System (GIS) software extension will retrieve catchment area data for the applicant and can generate catchment based preferences. Using GIS for school management gives your school an online distance measurement, in straight line route, shortest calculated route and safe walking routes, including details of catchment areas and nearest school type details.

Electronic Data Exchange

The Electronic Data Exchange Module (EDEM) utilises user-friendly wizard-based tools to handle the import and export of all Department for Education prescribed files. Online modules are available for pupils to apply for school places and for schools to manage applications. These are real e-government applications that will benefit both the applicants and the local authority; the best solution available to support co-ordinated admissions and transfers.

Synergy education management software enhancing improved service delivery at Medway Council

Online applications at Medway Council up by 97% thanks to the Synergy Admissions Portal.

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Key benefits of Synergy's Online School Admissions System

For local authorities

  • Increase efficiency – much less admin and faster decisions
  • Reduce costs due to time saved and reduced postage
  • Improve service to parents
  • Integrates seamlessly with legacy systems

For schools

  • All applications to their school shown online
  • Apply ranking decisions in real time
  • Real-time visibility enables efficient resource planning
  • Save time with bulk processing and place planning

For parents

  • Information on all schools in one place with powerful search options
  • Apply online, even via mobile
  • Speeds up the application process
  • Fully informed at every stage

Read our brochure to learn more about how our Synergy Admissions solution could help your local authority.

87% of local authorities who use Servelec's Synergy suite are rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

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