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Servelec’s Synergy Early Years Funding software has been developed and refined over 10 years to provide Local Authorities with a powerful suite of products to support this essential service. It is part of Servelec’s Synergy suite of integrated Children’s Services Management Information Systems, providing a holistic view of all local interactions with children, young people and families.

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Early Years Software

Each term, every Early Education Setting offering free entitlement, completes and submits to their Local Authority a headcount detailing precisely which children have been attending their establishment and for how long.

Administrative staff within each Local Authority must check through and, in many cases, manually enter this vast quantity of information from paper sheets. Servelec’s existing FIS Funding software is already designed to help quality control this process by prompting where potential duplication may be occurring and enforcing local and national validation rules to guard against fraudulent claims.

Process improvement

Servelec’s FISO Provider Portal allows Early Education Settings to access a secure web site and submit details of their termly estimates (where applicable) and actual headcounts directly into the Synergy FIS database at the Local Authority.

The process alone can save countless hours of manual entry and removes the possibility of typing errors on behalf of the administrative staff. A data checking and approval mechanism replaces the data entry exercise to ensure the highest possible quality of records.

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Key Benefits

For local authorities

  • Tried and tested software solutions
  • Faster turnaround for payment processing
  • Reduced duplication and fraudulent claims as records are matched against address data and existing records
  • Automatic email notifications can be configured to alert key staff when submissions are received, reducing delays
  • Integration with children's services
  • Joined-up reporting and business intelligence analysis

For providers

  • Secure provider portal for data entry
  • Integrated eligibility checking
  • Built-in reporting

For parents

  • Claims are dealt with quicker
  • Self-service eligibility check

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