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Our special education management software helps local authorities handle the complex provisions for children with special educational needs. It records details of individual case management for students with special educational needs.

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Special Educational Needs Software Overview

The Special Education Needs (SEN) solution is an off the shelf software module that is part of the Synergy software suite. The module can run as an extension of the core pupil and school database module or stand alone as required.

The system can manage the support of students at any age or level of special need. Comprehensive case details are recorded including user definable labels and data items. External documents and files can be attached to a case and a full document history is maintained.

All professionals with a login can contribute information, so it makes it easier and quicker to compile a child’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) within the statutory timeframe. It then supports the EHCP so you can view all relevant information in one place. Workflows also allow procedures to be automated, which helps reduce the timescale of statutory SEN processes.


Workflow allows procedures to be formalised and automated as far as possible with high levels of integration for letter production and email integration as a contact option. This workflow is particularly useful for the administration of the SEN statutory assessment and review processes.

Automatic production of letters, reminders and alerts makes the system particularly effective in reducing the assessment process time scale. Key performance indicator information is produced at the touch of a button based on data collected as a by-product of case support. We offer a complete suite of integrated authority management software designed to deliver the best operational systems.

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From admissions and pupil support to benefits management and early years childcare, Synergy is trusted by over 100 local councils.

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Key benefits

For the local authority

  • Straightforward and intuitive interface
  • Joined up perspective across services
  • Manage cases at individual level
  • Compile the annual SEN2 return quickly and easily

For schools

  • Can accurately record details of individual students who need additional help
  • Track and manage assessment and review process giving you a holistic overview of all interactions with children
  • Automatically produces letters, sends reminders and alerts and produces key performance indicator information
  • Actively works to comply with SEN assessment and review process timescales

For children, young people and parents

  • Those in need of extra support are identified easily to make sure they get the help they need
  • Supports engagement and contribution to the EHCP

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