Synergy | Governors administration and training system (GATS)

It is a difficult task to ensure all relevant people have the most correct and up-to-date information in the time frame required.

GATS improves Governing Body administration in accuracy, accountability and value, ensuring that stakeholders get the most precise information.

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With its unique workflow functionality and unparalleled flexibility, the system has the ability to record minutes of meetings, set agendas, store details of CPD (Continued Professional Development) and automatically generate letters in batch or individually. This combined with intelligent label production enables cost effective mailings.

Full details of a governor’s history are retained, as is all their correspondence and training. Management of training courses and venues, including place booking and course costs are recorded against the governing body.

Reports can then be produced to highlight what training is required for each governing body. A variety of reports can be run to show details of governors, current and future vacancies and Form 4 statistics.

Key Features

  • Manages make up of committees and the governing body
  • Retains a full history of appointments by governor and/or governing body
  • Records governors responsibilities and committee membership
  • Manages governor appointments
  • Automatically produces letters and labels for cost effectively batch or individual mailings
  • Produces reports for schools and the LA for current and future vacancies and form 4 statistics
  • Highlights vacancies by school and/or Local Authority
  • Training course management including booking of courses, venues, trainer, dates, facilities and cost allocation
  • Highlights training requirements of governors and the governing body as a whole
  • Records meetings and attendance and the agenda and minutes relating to that meeting
  • Record customable criminal record bureau checks
  • Check steps for governors
  • All documentation produced by the system is stored for future use

"GATS enables a complete view of a governing body, streamlining the administration process making it a more efficient and effective environment." - Customer Testimonial

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Key Benefits

  • Streamlines administration reducing time by up to 60%
  • Information is stored in one place - improving quality of data, access and reporting
  • Central management of appointments, members, committees and meetings
  • Monitors training needs, courses and costs giving a central view for budgeting purposes
  • Automatically produces correspondence and reminder letters
  • Incorporated workflow methodology to plan and guide users through the system, which is modelled to each site’s specific requirements
  • Manages federations and complies with the further education corporation instrument

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