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Our school administration software and education support modules will help you maximise our Synergy education management system. This enables you to provide better care, safeguarding and support for families while saving time and money.


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Joined-up, effective support

Synergy is a powerful education management system that helps local authorities, schools and other providers improve outcomes for children and young people. A flexible modular system, it gives a clear, robust way of managing key information around education, safeguarding and care.

Synergy also helps you make better decisions faster by providing a full view of all interactions with families and their children. By reducing administration and duplication, Synergy helps you save money – the typical return on investment is just 12 months.

Modules within Synergy's Education Support Solution

The Synergy suite of education management software includes the following education support modules. They’re designed to save you and your schools time, improve efficiency and enable better information sharing so you can focus on supporting children and young people. We call it Digital Care and we’re here to help you all the way.

Free school meals and benefits module (FSMB)

This is a straightforward way for local authorities to manage and allocate free school meals, clothing vouchers and other grants and benefits. It confirms eligibility in real-time so parents don’t need to prove eligibility with a benefit receipt or use a paper-based application form. The online application form also means no data entry for local authority staff, and schools are notified automatically when the application is approved.

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Pupil Support Service (PSS)

PSS is used for assessing pupils who need support and then sharing information relating to them. Local authority education departments hold the majority of information about children and young people, so it’s vital it’s shared effectively. PSS links to social services, Connexions and more to provide a common case management tool. Practitioners can also record their activity in PSS so it provides a complete view of each case and one single source for accurate data.

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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our special education management software helps local authorities handle the complex provisions for children with special educational needs. All professionals with a login can contribute information, so it makes it easier and quicker to compile a child’s education and healthcare plan (EHCP) within the statutory timeframe. It then supports the EHCP so you can view all relevant information in one place. Workflows also allow procedures to be automated, which helps reduce the timescale of statutory SEN assessment processes.

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This module records the transport provision offered and managed by a local authority. It can cover the contractors and routes being used, and details of the specific transport needs and provision for each child or young person.

Governors Administration & Training System (GATS)

We know that managing information for your governing body is time consuming and sharing accurate information within the statutory timeframe can be challenging. GATS improves the accuracy, accountability and value of your governing body administration. It offers streamlined workflows and can record meeting minutes, store training details, automatically generate letters and more. It also stores full details of a governor’s history as well as their correspondence and training records.

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Having access to the right information is critical for making timely, appropriate decisions around support for children and young people. Gateway provides secure access to Synergy products and data at any time and from any location via an online portal. It enables multi-agency staff to easily and securely access the information they need on the children and young people in their care.

Servelec Education to deliver Education and Young People’s Systems Refresh at Kent County Council

Synergy offers a portal based approach that engages with schools and parents, which is vital in helping to reduce administration time, improve user experience and engagement.

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Key benefits of Synergy education & support modules

For local authorities

  • Have a clear view of each child’s needs for better decision-making
  • Achieve more positive outcomes
  • Enable joined-up case management
  • Use one system for everything
  • Increase accuracy and eradicate duplication
  • Provide a better service
  • Save time and money

For providers

  • Have better access to important information
  • Improve the welfare of pupils and focus on those who need the most care
  • Identify children at risk more easily and help deliver plans to support them

For parents, children & young people

  • A better, fully informed service
  • More positive outcomes
  • Improved support and communications
  • Reduced frustration

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