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Local authorities are ambitious about the impact of digital, and rightly so. Digital is viewed as a potential driver of organisational strategy, as a driver of better outcomes for people and as a route to business-wide cultural transformation in the face of tightening budgets and greater demand for services.


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As more of the population become digital citizens, local authorities require the tools to allow them to engage with essential services online. Software providers have a responsibility to deliver the platforms that local authorities need, that deliver better outcomes for people and families.

We are determined to make this happen. We overcome challenges to get things done, so you can make a real difference to people. We optimise software to your exact needs and make it user friendly.

Our children services management software for local authorities and public-facing web solutions are designed to alleviate the challenges the public face for accessing services online such as access, capability, motivation and trust.

The Government’s aim by 2020 is that everyone who is digitally capable will be. Providing services to the public online is an aim for all local authorities as it drives efficiencies and improves service.  The public demands self-service as it allows them to access services at their convenience and puts them in control.

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Research shows that the cost of providing services online is 20 times lower than via telephone and 50 times lower than face to face, it’s why more authorities are moving services online to help manage ever smaller budgets.  With the next generation of citizens being digital natives, authorities can improve their services by providing them online; this should be a strategic goal.

Servelec offers education-related public facing services online including admissions, free school meals, child care support and access to family information services. With integration to existing accounts available and styling to match the look and feel, Servelec’s Synergy solution can be the one-stop shop window to your education services. 

We we want you to have the best technology and software to enable you to digitally transform the way you work and to transform the way citizen’s access Local Authority Services. To find out more about how we can enable this, please leave your details below.

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