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Synergy Education Management Software

Synergy software helps local authorities, schools and other providers to support families more effectively by spanning the full education and child services spectrum. Integrating easily with social care systems, it gives one single view of each child or young person.

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Provide better outcomes for families

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Gain significant savings 

By reducing administrative burden and removing duplication, our Synergy suite not only gives you more time to focus on improving outcomes it helps you make significant financial savings. The typical return on investment is just 12 months.

Join all the dots for every family 

Our Synergy education management system is a comprehensive suite of products that makes information sharing simple – across systems, providers, departments and even other authorities. It integrates seamlessly with other systems, including third-party software, to record and manage all aspects of children's services.

Get a clear view of those in your care

Our Synergy system gives you a holistic overview of all local authority interactions with children, young people and families. Which provides the insight you need to make key decisions successfully, resulting in much more positive outcomes for children and young people.

Flexible education management software

As Synergy is modular-based, you can select the functionality to suit your needs – from admissions to pupil support, early years childcare, benefits management and special educational needs. Whichever modules you choose, data only needs to be entered once and can be used across systems, which improves accuracy and reduces risk. It also leaves you with more time to focus on what you do best – supporting families. We call this Digital Care, and we’re with you all the way.

Built from specialist experience

From managing school admissions and transfers to 30-hour funded childcare and vital family information, Synergy provides a well-proven solution. We’ve specialised in management software for children’s services since 1989 and created Synergy in collaboration with education and safeguarding experts.

Trusted by over 100 local authorities

Synergy has a straightforward, intuitive interface that authorities across England, Wales and Scotland find easy to use. And, with lots of experience in migrating organisations from every other education system fully live in the market, we can help you get set up on Synergy quickly. 

Digital inclusion becomes a reality

Local authorities are ambitious about the impact of digital, and rightly so. Digital is viewed as a potential driver of organisational strategy, as a driver of better outcomes for people and as a route to business-wide cultural transformation in the face of tightening budgets and greater demand for services.

> Digital inclusion becomes a reality

Key benefits of Synergy

For local authorities

  • Have full visibility of each child and the insight to make good decisions
  • Enable faster decisions by increasing efficiency
  • Improve your service and evolve it easily
  • Get a strong return on investment by saving time and money
  • More support for vulnerable children
  • Help improve Ofsted ratings

For providers

  • Have more time to focus on improving outcomes
  • Provide a better service to families
  • Share information and insight safely and easily
  • Save time on data entry
  • Improve data accuracy

For parents, children & young people

  • More powerful, positive outcomes
  • Improved access to key services
  • Closer interaction between families, schools and other providers

We’ll help you set up Synergy to suit to your specific needs for an information management system that helps you improve both outcomes and efficiency.

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