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Servelec eLearning saves you time and money by simplifying how you deliver software training.

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Servelec eLearning is an effective and convenient way for busy clinicians and healthcare practitioners to understand the fundamentals of a system.

In today’s digital world, they can be introduced to a new system, module or feature without taking lots of time away from their day-to-day role. New starters, agency and bank staff can also be brought up to speed quickly and conveniently with access to our online learning courses, either through our platform or through your existing Learning Management Solution (LMS).

Using interactive tutorials and activities, your team will be educated from any location, on any device, in a consistent manner and at a time that suits them.

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Servelec eLearning

Available 24/7: 
Learners can access training at any time day or night, on any mobile, tablet or desktop device with an internet connection.

Better patient experience:
Healthcare professionals will be more confident in their understanding and its processes and can spend more time caring for their patients.

Consistent learning approach:
All learners receive the same high-quality training and can use the online learning platform to continue to access the courses for reference.

Increased efficiency:
Healthcare professionals can access courses immediately with no need to wait to attend a face-to-face training session.

Key Benefits

For hospitals

  • Cost effective alternative – training in person requires room hire, multiple trainers, travel expenses and the admin cost to organise logistics
  • Managed by you with the ability to monitor your learner uptake, add new learners 24/7, send email reminders directly from the dashboard and report on progress
  • Fully auditable process to ensure compliance and consistent standard of learning across existing workers, new starters, bank and agency staff

For healthcare professionals

  • Professionals can learn at their own pace, enabling them to better retain the information and courses can be used as continuous reference tools
  • As much as 60% of learners’ time can be wasted in travelling, breaks, lunch and informalities on a training session while eLearning ensures that the focus is on the actual course content – eLearning can fit around their own diary 
  • Flexible and immediate 24/7 access especially useful for onboarding during evening or weekend shifts at short notice

For patients

  • Healthcare providers can spend more time caring for patients with training that fits around professional diaries 
  • Patients receive a consistent high standard of care, with all professionals trained in the same way to use the system aligned with local processes and policies

As much as 60% of learners' time can be wasted in travelling, breaks, lunch and informalities on a training session.

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