Financial Professional Services

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The following table lists and summarises all the professional services available to our Mosaic users. For more information about any of the services listed, please email or call +44 (0)20 7354 8000




Finance Health Check – Standard

Review of finance configuration

Finance Health Check - Advanced

Review of finance configuration

Meetings with key stakeholders: Purchasing, Payment, Billings, report written report on findings

Finance Consultancy

Finance strategy - dedicated days to discuss strategy

Configuration package - to help with setup Finance testing - planning

Finance migration projects

Implementation - per day or projects such as best practice configuration workshops

FA Form Consultancy

Moving to best practice configuration financial assessment form

Review of form (changes as per latest legislation)

Billing configuration

Migration team - migrating in data

Forms team - intermediate form / mapping running financial assessment batch uplift.

DPA Consultancy

Review of form

Changes as per latest legislation.

Finance Training

Purchasing, payments, billing – six day courses

Financial assessment best practice configuration form, financial assessment batch uplift – two-day course.

Finance Training Bespoke Courses


Workshop style


Finance for non-finance professionals? How to run workshops to determine configuration?

Finance Batch Changes

Closing elements and recreating new ones - due to costs/budget codes etc

Chart of account structure change changes to interfaces

Chart of Account structure change

Moving from old structure to new one

Updating existing interfaces

Major/minor changes to spec/delivery