Calculations in Forms

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The forms scripting for Mosaic’s Template Manager training course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Calculation and Validation functionalities available in Mosaic. During the course of the day delegates will be exposed to the different languages that can be used in forms development and how Mosaic interacts with JavaScript. Also, delegates will be shown a number of script examples of varying levels of complexity.

Who should attend

Suitable for delegates who will develop forms in Template Manager.

What will I learn?

  • Comprehend if a script should be used as a calculation or a validation 
  • Identify what type of language (javaScript or jsExpression) should be use and where to use them. 
  • Explore the application of the Mosaic APIs in scripts 
  • Identify different ways basic JavaScript functionalities interact with Mosaic
  • If and else statements
  • Functions
  • For Loops
  • Do / while


Delegates are expected to have a basic understanding and general use of Mosaic's Template Manager, as well as a basic level and understanding of JavaScript or similar. Delegates will need to provide their own laptop or computer in which to access Mosaic.

Further information

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