Core+ | System Health Check

We are constantly making changes to our Core+ solution to help you do what you do best, look after young people, but are you using all the features the system has to offer?

Our health checks could give you insight into under-used parts of the system that could enhance the way you work.

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What a health check includes

Release notes review

Sometimes, when new releases are created, you may stick with a set up that works for you. That means that you can miss new features. We'll go through release notes with you to show you parts of the system that may improve the way you work.

Uservoice new items

Uservoice is used by Core+ users to request features be added to the system. During the health check, we'll go through the requests that have been put into the system in use by other local authorities, so you can see if they would help you too.

System Optimisation

Core+ has a wide variety of configurations, workflows and screen designs. We'll talk to you about how you used the system and work out if one of these could make the way you work more efficient.

Maximising efficiency of processes within the system

The system health check is delivered by a support expert who'll understand both the system and your submissions in deep detail. They can give you expert advice on how you could make the way you use the system more efficient and help you to cut down on time spent on administration.

Additional services

Our support expert will know all the Core+ modules and add-ons very well. They'll be able to recommend any of our additional services that will be able to solve any problems you're be facing.

Full review write-up

We'll send over a full review of what we discuss and the next steps for you to review. This gives you a chance to look back over.

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