We want to ensure that you make the most out of your system. To do that we offer services such as Hosting, Training, Health Checks and other Professional Services.


When your organisation is holding and managing people’s sensitive personal data, it is absolutely critical that you make sure everything is always safe and secure. By moving to Servelec Hosting you can be confident that you are 100% compliant, and that the data and applications you are responsible for are efficiently and securely managed. Servelec works closely with you to ensure our cost-effective hosting meets your requirements precisely yet stays within your budget.

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Rio Training

Servelec eLearning is an effective and convenient way for busy clinicians and healthcare practitioners to understand the fundamentals of a system.

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Mosaic Training

We understand the challenges you face, but getting the most out of your Mosaic system should not be one of them. This is why we have developed a suite of professional training courses based on effective ways of working, drawn from social care teams and curated by Servelec to help you do what you do best, care for others.

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Rio Health Checks

Your Rio EPR system and Rio modules are critical to the care you provide. It holds detailed information on patients, and helps your clinical teams manage workflows. One of Rio’s main strengths over similar systems is its configurability, but over time local changes to configuration or how your teams work can mean that some processes no longer align as well as they did or in some cases lead to clinical safety or legislative in-compliance. A Rio Health Check can help you get back on track.

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Core+ Health Checks

We are constantly making changes to our Core+ solution to help you do what you do best, look after young people, but are you using all the features the system has to offer? Our health checks could give you insight into under-used parts of the system that could enhance the way you work.

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