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Using Artificial Intelligence to transform patient services, automate conversations and improve patient care, together with our partners EBO, we can help you improve patient engagement and reduce costs by up to 80%.

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Rio Virtual Assistant is designed to help patients manage their appointments while keeping them updated through automated, AI-based conversations.

How it works

Rio Virtual Assistant helps trusts to offer human conversation automation at scale, without the cost of growing appointment administration departments. The solution interacts with patients to discover their needs, offer automatic responses and escalate to the support team where necessary, enabling immediate support for patients to self-manage appointment bookings. Rio Virtual Assistant emulates human conversations to provide a two-way conversation with your patients.

It streamlines manual processes and enables patients to view, cancel or request amends to their appointments at their convenience. By allowing patients speedy and out of hours access to appointment cancellations, this reduces avoidable missed appointments (Did Not Attend DNAs) and associated wasted appointment costs.

Key Features

  • Two-way communication between the patient and the hospital appointments administration function
  • Directly linked into the Rio appointment module providing a real-time and always up-to-date view of appointment availability to increase scheduling efficiency
  • Communicate with patients in a way that suits them by using common digital platforms such as social media channels and webchats
  • Reduces administration costs, postage and paper by reducing the need for letters to be sent
  • Rio Virtual Assistant is configured per team rather than across the whole organisation, giving increased flexibility and tailoring

Rio Virtual Assistant can automate 70% of the appointment management process.

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Key Benefits

For the trust

  • Supports the move towards digital strategy goals and suitable for all care settings
  • Shared appointment services to increase efficiencies across the trust
  • End to end appointment handling integrated with Rio patient records
  • Electronic appointment confirmations, cancellations and reminders reduces administration costs and helps to reduce DNAs
  • Efficiently manage waiting lists by optimising available appointments
  • Opportunity to deal with more enquiries without increasing headcount
  • Possible to gather feedback from the patient easily and electronically
  • Gives a full audit of all activity and enables reporting
  • Meets GDPR requirements

For patients

  • Contact the trust at a time to suit the patient
  • Intuitive and simple easy to use interface that is suitable for most mobile devices
  • Easy access to frequently asked questions and get answers quickly
  • Reduction in call waiting time with immediate connection to the Virtual Assistant
  • Appointment reminder via patient’s preferred channel
  • Change and cancel appointments easily and quickly, making it a much more positive experience
  • Electronic appointment letter to confirm their appointment choice immediately reduces time spent waiting for letters

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