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All Mental Health Trusts in England have a Zero Suicide Programme, which aims to help reduce the risk of self-harm and patient suicides. Our Mood Diary App for Rio helps to support your patient's mental well-being, giving them access to their safety plan and emergency contacts when they need them. It also allows you to see a record of their mood between conversations, giving you a full picture of their mental health so you can make early interventions.

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The Zero Suicide programme is supported through close engagement between the patient and clinician and part of this engagement includes the agreement and sharing of a ‘Safety Plan’ which gives the patient support and guidance. An understanding of the patient’s daily mood patterns is also an important aspect of the care process. However, capturing and sharing this information often proves difficult meaning clinicians miss out on important insights into the patient’s wellbeing and coping strategies. Paper based contact information and mood diary entries are not always available when they are needed most and they can be easily misplaced or forgotten.


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How the Mood Diary App works

Working with our partners, Totalmobile, we have developed the Mood Diary App for Rio. With the app, patients can record their mood and factors affecting their feelings via a discreet application on their mobile device. Patients can also record any support they may have received from family, friends and mental health professionals. Integrated with the Rio Electronic Patient Records system, the patient’s health record is kept updated with the information recorded in their mood diary. Healthcare professionals can use this information to improve their support plans and provide better care. Patients can also use the app to access safety and crisis information, even when they don’t have mobile coverage.

Keep data secure
All patients must go through a 3-step onboarding process that secures the retrieving and sending of personal data
View safety plans
Patients can access their personal safety plan which they have devised with their healthcare professional.
View and record daily moods
Patients can view and record their mood at any time throughout the day, even when there is no internet connection.
Access key contact details
The trust can pre-configure key support contact information for patient wellbeing e.g. Samaritans, NHS 111.

Key Benefits

For Trusts

  • Reduce administration - less associated expense from lost paperwork
  • Provide better care - equip healthcare professionals with the tools they need to provide the best care
  • Secure patient record storage - keep patient information secure in the Rio EPR system instead of offline paper records
  • Increased patient safety
  • Reports within Rio enable clinicians to analyse trends to better allocate resources​

For Clinicians

  • Helps to create a better safety plan - 93% of safety plans for those using Rio Mood Diary contain good quality content*​
  • 79% of staff agree Rio Mood Diary helps to inform assessment and treatment plans*​
  • 84% of staff agree Rio Mood Diary helps plan better and safer care*​
  • Reports within Rio alert clinicians to individuals possibly in crisis, to provide an intervention​
  • Specific moods and causes, that could be forgotten during a session, are recorded, giving clinicians a clearer view of an individual’s mood

For patients

  • Discreet – password protected, information is stored on a mobile device rather than paper
  • Access to safety plan including emergency contacts for instant support
  • Greater control and flexibility - reminders to record mood information can be set at convenient time
  • 77% of patients using Rio Mood Diary felt their safety plan was co-produced with their clinician*​

*Percentages from first 12 months at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust​

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