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Rio Mobilise helps healthcare providers using Rio EPR improve efficiency for teams or staff that deliver services in the community. Mobile working in health and social care enables community nurses to complete their work, collaborate with colleagues and stay in contact all via one mobile device from any location, at any time.

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Mobile working in healthcare

Many healthcare organisations currently face challenges when it comes to mobile working due to the ever-growing demand for work in the community. It's important to offer health and care professionals the tools they need to deliver safe and effective patient care and the ability to capture all information digitally at the point of care.

According to research undertaken in 2015 by the British Medical Journal, 95% of nurses and 97% of doctors owned a smartphone. With the right mobile health care management system, such as those offered by Servelec, trusts can take advantage of their staff's digital skills their clinicians own; streamlining processes and reducing the amount of time they spend completing paperwork.

What is mobile working in healthcare?

Mobile working can transform the way in which your nurses, doctors and other clinicians provide help in the community, and allows them to work more collaboratively. This digital advancement in technology makes for better ways of working, whether it is implemented within the hospital walls or out and about with your mobile healthcare professionals.

With the use of apps and other platforms, community nurses and mental health clinicians are able to access and update patient records at the point of care which could make a difference to the types of care provided, including medication offered.

Why will mobile working make a difference?

Mobile working allows healthcare professionals to spend more time with those who are most vulnerable, and allows those being cared for to feel empowered about their own care. A mobile health care management system gives your clinicians the ability to work remotely and be more responsive to patients’ needs. Your nurses, doctors and carers can manage their workloads in real time, allowing multiple caregivers access to one single patient’s journey and medical information.

This can help to alleviate administrative pressures and provide healthcare staff with with a more holistic view of those in their care. This allows them to make more informed and quicker decisions; often necessary with elderly patients and those who suffer with mental health issues.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Rio Mobilise can help you and your patients.

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How Mobilise Works

Rio Mobilise works across teams as one central app integrating with our Rio EPR system in real time. Each team has a tailored view, showing only the information that they need to deliver care to their patients. The mobile version benefits all community teams including District Nurses and Crisis Teams.

Key Features

Patient visit screen

The tailored patient visit screen ensures that access to patient information is available quickly and easily. The visit screen includes patient contact information as well as access to important medical history notes all in one place. Contextual information helps to prompt and remind practitioners to complete all required documentation and activities including outcoming the visit ensuring best practice.

Access to patient-centric data

Our “clinical folio” provides quick context-based access to supporting patient records taken from various systems as required. It ensures that care professionals can make informed decisions throughout the patient’s journey, as well as at the point of care. The patient can see up-to-date, visual information on their care, giving them a complete view of their health.


The software provides GPS location information which helps clinicians take the most efficient routes between appointments. It also provides the locations of healthcare staff, which are easily identifiable and represented on the map view as pins. GPS location records staff arrival time, duration and finish times and these details can provide organisations with insights into how much time is actually spent at the point of care. Healthcare professionals can plan their journey ahead of their visits via the ‘Map my day,’ functionality.

Clinical forms

Our clinical forms and workflows can be tailored to fit around the patient and practitioner, reducing time spent on manual data entry.

Progress Notes

Progress notes are filled in on Mobilise by practitioners during a visit, ensuring all required information is completed and sent directly from the app to Rio.

Working Offline

Rio Mobilise uses mobile networks to synchronise data with Rio in real-time. Practitioners are able to work offline, if they do not have signal, data is stored securely on their device and automatically sent to Rio when their connection returns.

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Mobilise in Action

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have been using our Rio Mobilise solution to transform the way their clinicians provide help in the community.

Rio Mobilise has helped their community workers do what they do best, care for others. Duncan Robinson, Director of IT at the Trust said that the solution has given their teams, 'the information they need at the point of care' and 'thanks to the technology, data captured is immediately available across the Trust.'

Key Benefits

For the trust

  • Reduces the risk of lost files due to digitisation of paper forms
  • Reduces the risk of duplication and manual data entry mistakes
  • Information recorded in a consistent format
  • Ensure carers safety by providing warnings or risks to be aware of prior to the visit
  • Enables full visibility of real time updates of your carers as the day evolves, allowing you to react appropriately
  • Ensures the right amount of staff are delivering care to safeguard both service users and carers
  • Improves cost efficiencies and capacity of the workforce through effective planning for carers
  • Reduces the overall cost of the service
  • Enables you to improve and easily evidence compliance
  • Time saved through reduction in travel and quicker updating of Rio records
  • Reduces the resources required to carry out and record audits across all clinical settings

For the practitioner

  • Reduces time spent on paperwork increasing time spent caring for patients, delivering better care
  • Freedom to work at the point of care or on the move
  • Reliable clinical information available at the point of care
  • Can benefit from better working processes and less frustration, resulting in improved morale and enabling an enhanced work life balance
  • Offline connectivity gives practitioners access to patient information anywhere, helpful to those giving care in rural areas
  • Improves data quality and access to data

For the patient

  • More face to face time with their nurse or clinician
  • Ensures patients' preferences are considered such as requesting a specific healthcare professional
  • Improves consistency of the service provided by front line clinicians

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