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Servelec's Rio Flow solution provides community and mental health clinician's a real-time view of bed occupancy, allowing them to make more informed decisions on bed management, delivering a safer and more efficient experience for patients and improving the quality of care.

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A Digital Patient Flow Journey

Digitising the daily handover and patient review process with Rio Flow significantly improves the handover time for clinical staff working on the wards, promoting discussions around the patient to deliver better more personalised care.

Go Paperless

Rio Flow removes the need for manual paper-based processes as the system has an intuitive digital whiteboard that enables clinicians to see key patient information at a glance and manage patients through to discharge from a ward.

A Joined-up approach to delivering better care

Bed Requests are raised and allocated to wards in Rio and seamlessly transferred to the Rio Flow whiteboard for admission onto the wards, providing a joined-up view of the patient record and removing the risk of information being different across multiple systems.


"Staff have adopted Flow into their daily working routines, and it has become an integral part of handovers and multi team disciplinary meetings.”

Tom Englefield, GDE Systems Project Manager at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Key Benefits for Rio Flow

Benefits for clients 

  • Improved communication and better quality of data support better care and deliver an improved experience 
  • Clinicians have all the information to make informed decisions in the best interest of the person 
  • Live monitoring of clients' conditions, real-time data view and access to records through the digital whiteboard ensures safety 
  • Prevents delayed transfer of care (DTOC)  

Benefits for clinicians  

  • Enables a real-time bed state via touch screen admission, transfer and discharge and live monitoring of clients' conditions, reviews and service requests on the ward to ensure clients receive the best possible care 
  • Empowers frontline workers by improving communication and user engagement with access to up-to-date info in real-time 
  • Allows bed management teams to manage, maintain and allocate bed requests using an allocation and capacity view, saving time and increasing efficiency 
  • Enhances working practices and process by reducing the need to duplicate work into multiple systems, saving time and increasing efficiency 

Benefits for trusts 

  • Clear view of overall bed occupation throughout the hospital at any point, ensuring safety and improving quality of care 
  • Facilitates multi-disciplinary team discussion regarding clients ensuring they’re fully monitored and data is up-to-date 
  • Reduces paper-based processes and promotes safe wards 
  • Promotes better discharge planning and helps prevent delayed transfer of care (DTOC) 
  • Assists in making quicker, more informed decisions on beds and improved client experience 

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