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Could our Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) module for Rio EPR help you save lives and deliver efficiencies?

The ePMA module for Rio EPR will help you prevent costly prescribing errors that can result in wasted medicines, multi-million pound litigation claims and, at the very worst, patient deaths.


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Strengthen processes and practice

Servelec’s ePMA module is an extension of the Rio electronic patient record system and provides a digital system for prescribing, verifying and administering medication. Patients have just one overarching record in Rio, so their prescription and administration record stay with them as they move across the healthcare organisation.

The ePMA module helps improve the efficiency and safety of prescriptions by ensuring the correct information is always available, and preventing users duplicating or misinterpreting it.

The prescriber selects the medicinal product and denotes the dose and frequency. These details are available for a pharmacist to follow, or suggest amendments (which are returned to the prescriber for approval). If the patient is then admitted to hospital or needs treatment in a community setting, the right medication can easily be made available in the required timeframe.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Rio ePMA can improve the safety and efficiency of your prescriptions.

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The Health & Social Care Secretary promised £75 million to help hospitals implement e-prescribing

Improve patient safety and care

Rio ePMA uses the Multilex Drug Datafile from First Databank. It is updated at least every month to ensure the most up-to-date licensed medications and appliances are available for prescription.

Even if a patient’s prescribed medicines are suspended or discontinued, the details stay visible on their Rio record to give a holistic view of their treatment so far.

The system also makes it very easy to include prescription details in discharge letters. So GPs and other healthcare providers can make informed decisions about the patient’s future care.

Meet performance targets

The ePMA module lets you easily report on, or audit, key performance measures, including the most frequently used medications, missed doses and antimicrobial resistance. You can define and manage the parameters to suit your own needs and targets.

Key benefits of Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration

  • Increase safety and efficiency
  • Hold better quality data
  • Improve communications and workflow

Key features

  • Supports all prescribers, including doctors, nurses and independent practitioners
  • Independent prescriber users get access and permissions according to skill level
  • Text on prescriptions and administrations is easy to read
  • Automatically checks details of allergies, contraindications and diagnoses, and warns the prescriber
  • Formularies can be configured to help prescribers select relevant medication
  • Pharmacies can verify prescriptions electronically
  • Gives clear information on missed doses, and issues can be escalated automatically.
  • Discharge details can be produced quickly and easily

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