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Working openly and collaboratively with health and social care technology providers, Servelec is accelerating our customer’s access to integrated Digital Care solutions. Our approach enables NHS trusts and local authorities to benefit from access to a broader technology ecosystem, bringing patients, citizens and providers together for better Digital Care.

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By working together with other innovative technology providers, we’re helping health and social care providers achieve the targets set out in the NHS Long-term Plan and the national interoperability agenda to ultimately provide improved outcomes for more people.

Our approach, which we call Digital Care, embraces collaboration. We share the challenges affecting the health and local government sectors and we’re determined to overcome them. Through our partnership approach, we connect healthcare and social care providers with a range of digital products and services which complement and enhance the core functionality within our leading Rio Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Mosaic social care case management solutions.

We believe care providers should be able to choose from accredited products that best suit the way you want to work, with the confidence that the solutions have been accredited to meet our high standards.

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Connecting patients, clinicians and carers together for Digital Care is our guiding principle, and we want to work with partners who share our goals to transform health and social care. We will continue to enable faster, more accurate and easily shareable medical and care information within the NHS and local government social care system, and we recognise that true success will come from interoperability between technology providers.

Unlocking Potential in EPR Systems

Neil Laycock, Managing Director of Healthcare at Servelec, discusses with input from Mark Davison, Chief Information Officer at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, the pain points of system integrations and why technology providers should be more open to working together in order to create a more user-friendly service for trusts.

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