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Mosaic Virtual Wallet a powerful virtual payment and e-commerce platform integrated with Mosaic that puts the individual at the centre of their care.

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The personalisation agenda recognises the importance of individuality and a person’s right to exercise choice in their care.

It puts the individual at the centre of their care and helps them understand their own needs and how to meet them. Having a tool to support their own purchases is essential to individuals that wish to take control of their own care. The Mosaic Virtual Wallet allows individuals to receive their allocated budget and choose from a number of offered services, the one they feel is suitable for them.

Mosaic Virtual Wallet enables robust financial monitoring and complete transparency for all parties on budget spend and an additional integration allows statement monitoring straight from Mosaic. It also facilitates clawbacks with some local authorities achieving an average clawback in year one of up to 10% of funds.

Read our brochure to find out how Mosaic Virtual Wallet can help your local authority.

Helping people to take control of their own care.

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Key benefits

For local authorities

  • Integrates with the Mosaic case management system
  • Mosaic Virtual Wallet eradicates cumbersome processes and reduces administration costs
  • Full audit trail and rich reporting on spend, outcomes and market provision 
  • Clawback ensures all funding is used effectively and any underspend can be repurposed
  • Fully scalable with flexible options for managing providers and the services they offer
  • Guides review of care and support plan
  • Increased efficiency in the direct payment process

For individuals and carers

  • Provides better outcomes for the individuals by putting them at the centre of their care and helping them understand their own needs and how to meet them
  • Funding can only be spent on activities benefiting individual’s or carer’s wellbeing
  • Hassle-free management of payments to providers without the need for an individual to setup a separate bank account or provide proof of purchases
  • Fully transactional, open and searchable, helping users compare and buy products and services
  • Includes costed support planning tools and enables easier personal budget management

For providers

  • Reduces administration costs through the Mosaic Virtual Wallet end-to-end system for managing orders and taking payments online
  • Helps providers communicate directly with end users to simplify the buying process and provide high quality customer service
  • Receiving payments efficiently – benefiting their cash flow and helping them to continue delivering high quality services

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