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Reablement helps people stay independent after a hospital stay, so they can regain the ability to perform their usual activities, such as cooking meals, washing and dressing and improving their mobility.

Currently, support staff have difficulty accessing support plans within their current back office systems. This disconnect leads to a lack of visibility of service users’ information and reduces the opportunity to share knowledge; knowledge that could be used to deliver better support and care. Using our Reablement solution for Mosaic, service providers have full visibility of support plans in just one system. Records can be accessed and updated through the app, freeing up time to deliver quality care and support services.

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A solution to enhance Reablement Services

Our Reablement solution for Mosaic delivers an end-to-end solution that allows local authorities to care for their carers and the needs of their citiziens. Local authorities can create and assess support plan schedules and check capacity for onboarding new service users. Connectivity with our Mosaic case management software means support monitoring and planning is intuitive and responsive to real-time events. Visit schedules can be tracked during a support worker’s day and reports, dashboards and alerts can be used to help optimise the service and support of the care worker. Helping you do what you do best, care for others.

Key features

Automatically updated support plans

Support plans are updated in real-time so service providers can react to any changing needs of the person.

Information at the point of care

Equip support workers with everything they need at the point of care via their mobile device. Access service user details and utilise intuitive forms to capture information.

Efficient scheduling

Allocate work, optimise routes, resources and adapt to schedule changes in real time, whilst delivering continuity of care.

Enhanced communication

Visibility of real time information and dashboards providing informative insights and service delivery status notifications.

Our Reablement solution can help you to create efficient and effective reablement support plans.

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Key benefits

For local authorities

  • Gain clear visibility of service users’ progression and goal completions, highlighting how the service is performing
  • Minimise costs associated with paper-based processes such as printing schedules, and assessment forms
  • Ensure the safety of support workers by managing workload and providing patient related risk information
  • Reduce travel inefficiencies by optimising route planning, saving time and fuel

For service providers

  • Dedicate more time to patient support by reducing manual processes such as duplicate data entry
  • Improve service delivery through a greater understanding of service commitments and capacity
  • Mosaic integration ensures back offices systems are efficiently updated once visit information is captured

For citizens

  • Citizens receive better care from a more informed service provider
  • Citizens can specify their preference for service providers, such as a preferred gender. This can save embarrassment and help build a stronger relationship
  • Improved communication with the service user keeps them informed of their support workers’ status - if they are running late for example

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