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What is Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal will significantly reduce the time and effort of payment teams in processing and verifying invoices and releasing payments to providers.

One council has been able to make annual savings of over £100,000 due to an estimated 80% reduction in administrative workload.

  • Improved efficiency: Local authority cost savings in all aspects of administration and the management of social care provider payment process
  • Automated checking of claims for payment against budget: Claims are automatically checked against the planned service or ‘the commitment’
  • Real-time information: Details of service delivery ‘actuals’ are passed forward automatically to inform the client billing process, leading to faster and more accurate payments
  • Management reporting: Visit-level information is available for use during disputes with service users and within management reporting

Provider Portal specifically designed to facilitate a real-time digital link between social care providers and local authorities

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Benefits of Provider Portal

Non-residential care providers

Non-residential care providers are empowered and better informed throughout transactions with early notification of the payment status, and the opportunity to greatly reduce the number and value of disputed payments.

The ability to submit care visit information electronically and view the resulting line-by-line payment detail calculated by the Provider Portal removes the need to produce paper invoices.

The Provider Portal benefits non-residential care providers through:

  • Budget alignment: automatic suspension of payment where the claim exceeds the plan/budget
  • Efficient payment of claims: claims for payment that are within budget are processed with minimal intervention
  • Quicker identification of claims needing investigation: enables staff to quickly identify claims that exceed budget and to concentrate their efforts on investigating and resolving these

Residential care providers

Residential care providers are informed at all stages of the payment process with online access to the relevant service user and payment data. This online enquiry acts as a ‘living preview’ giving private homes an up-to-the-minute view of the council’s records, and the occupancy details required to help homes understand the payments made and the contributions they are to collect.

The Provider Portal benefits residential care providers through:

  • Full visibility: providers can see historic and current payments and occupancy levels including start/end dates and monetary values
  • Accurate payments and no more posting: remittances are published online with email alerts to inform providers. Provisional remittances can also be published allowing providers to check the payment before it is made, leading to more accurate payments and less processing of over/under payments. This can also act as a fully audited sign-off process for payments
  • Ease of implementation: no changes are required to most current processes. Providers can check the secure online portal rather than wait for postal receipt of an update

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