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 Mosaic Portal is a secure integrated portal solution that interfaces with Servelec’s Mosaic case management software that offers a more personalised,​ digital approach to delivering social care.

Mosaic Portal's core functionality helps you shift communication and engagement to lower-cost and more effective digital channels. It cuts costs and speeds up vital processes. It allows efficient multi-agency working  and allows citizens to access vital information for their care, promoting self-management.


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What is Mosaic Portal?

Mosaic Portal has been designed to help you shift communication and engagement to lower-cost and more effective digital channels.

It allows information to be entered directly into the​ core Mosaic product by members of the public, service users and professionals in a secure way, improving service user experience and using resources more productively.

  • Simple and easy to use forms can be created in Mosaic and pushed to the council’s Portal for citizens or professionals to complete 
  • Information submitted online is automatically and securely populated in Mosaic with no need for rekeying, streamlining processes
  • Referrals, including safeguarding concerns, can be raised via the council's website online 24/7 and directly submitted into Mosaic to ensure appropriate action can be taken quickly
  • Citizens can access key vital information for their care, such as timetable of care services and budget details within the portal, promoting self-management, while professionals can access permitted details for people who they have a relationship with

For citizens

A person-centred, self-service system, Mosaic Portal allows citizens to engage with their services more effectively. They can collaborate directly, receive notifications, supply information and view records online. This gives people complete control of their own information, and helps them make informed choices regarding their own care plan and budget.

For professionals

The Portal enables professionals to receive notifications, supply information online and view records holistically. They can contribute to workflow steps simply by adding information to an individual’s case. It allows greater collaboration within a local authority, improved insights and accurate reporting. Forms are completed more quickly due to the ease with which professionals can engage directly in the workflow.

How a joined-up approach can stop children falling through the gaps

As we continue to navigate the impact of the pandemic, integrated systems have an even more vital role to play in ensuring children and families in need don’t fall through the gaps, says David McKinney, Managing Director, Servelec Local Government.

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Benefits of Mosaic Portal

For local authorities

  • Minimises the number of telephone calls to local authorities, saving time and resources that can be re-utilised
  • Encourages the reporting of safeguarding issues and helps people engage with the local authority
  • Supports the gathering of key information with a quicker referral process that minimises rekeying and duplication of work

For social workers and professionals

  • Frees up social workers by managing low-level admin more effectively, allowing them to dedicate more time to caring for people
  • Supports the safeguarding of individuals with a quicker referral process that minimises rekeying and duplication of work
  • Associated professionals can easily contribute to the effective care of an individual
  • Ensure accurate reporting and comprehensive audit trail
  • Carry out more efficient, complete case management

For citizens

  • Supports the joined-up care of an individual by facilitating communication between social workers and other key workers such as teachers, police and health professionals
  • Promotes self-service and reduces the burden for social workers by helping them engage service users
  • Provides the opportunity to act on behalf of another person's account such as a child or care receiver

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