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Mosaic Portal is a professional online social care portal that interfaces with Servelec’s Mosaic case management software so that citizens, associated professionals and care providers can manage the effective care of an individual.

Mosaic Portal's core functionality supports three types of users: citizens, professionals and service providers. It cuts costs and speeds up vital processes. It allows efficient multi-agency working and puts your clients in charge of their own decision making.


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Modules within Mosaic Portal's social care portal

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Mosaic Portal is designed to improve service user experience while enabling local authorities to use resources more effectively. It has two key elements:

The Citizen Portal

A person-centred, self-service system where citizens can plan and action their own support needs through a secure portal platform, the Citizen’s Portal helps people to engage with their services more effectively. They can collaborate directly, receive notifications, supply information and view records online. This gives people complete control of their own information, and helps them make informed choices regarding their own care plan and budget.

Professional Portal

The Professional Portal enables professionals to receive notifications, supply information online and view records holistically. They can contribute to workflow steps simply by adding information to an individual’s case. It allows greater collaboration within a local authority, improved insights and accurate reporting. Workflows are completed more quickly due to the ease with which professionals can engage directly in the workflow.

Key benefits of Mosaic Portal

For local authorities

Mosaic Portal gives the local authority the ability to match their services with the care required, while receiving feedback from customers. This ensures effective allocation of resources and allows for the improvement of the service through feedback.

Mosaic Portal helps you:

  • Maintain an open and transparent marketplace for the citizen, local authority and provider
  • Operate an efficient invoicing and PO system
  • Load and submit actuals for service delivery for accurate costing
  • Accurately match citizens needs and available services
  • Monitor the performance of their services and improve service design in line with feedback

For social care workers

Mosaic Portal frees up care workers by managing low-level admin more effectively, allowing them to dedicate more time to caring for people.

Mosaic Portal helps your teams to:

  • Reduce low-level admin
  • Avoid task duplication, as other stakeholders can add to a case record in real-time
  • Share the burden of administration by ‘delegating’ forms to other stakeholders e.g. citizens and professionals
  • Ensure accurate reporting and comprehensive audit trail
  • Carry out more efficient, complete case management
  • Take a 360 degree view of a case

For associated agencies

Mosaic Portal encourages greater collaboration due to its seamless functionality and the ease with which data can be entered into the system.

Mosaic Portal helps your partners to:

  • Add to the 360-degree view of an individual
  • Access, review and contribute case information
  • Improve workflow with ease, accuracy and speed
  • Submit information to initiate a workflow in Mosaic without having access to the data base
  • Add to the auditable trail of an individual’s case
  • Ensure that data remains secure and users access remains under the local authority's control

For citizens

With Mosaic Portal’s online customer portal, a service user is in complete control of their social care management. This means they can determine their own needs and requirements directly, and receive better, faster, easier care, arranged on their terms.

Mosaic Portal provides your customers with:

  • A self-service system
  • Easy access to social care service 24/7
  • A person-centred approach
  • A way to put them at the centre of their own case
  • A way for them to access the information and guidance to make informed choices regarding their care plan and budget
  • Improved accuracy of their record through personalisation and control
  • Intuitive software that helps people process their information with ease
  • The opportunity to act on behalf of another Person’s Finestra account e.g. child/care receiver
  • Direct two-way dialogue
  • Fast efficient responses

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