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Mosaic Mobilise is a modern app for social workers that links seamlessly to Mosaic, providing key information to professionals at the point of care.

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Together with our partners Totalmobile, we’re helping local authorities across the UK to deliver more efficient care services by providing social workers with a mobile app. It gives access to vital information and the flexibility to update care records while in the community.

Mosaic Mobilise gives social workers access to the right information at the point of care. It reduces duplication and effort, helping to increase efficiencies and improve practices. The flexible record keeping offered by Mosaic Mobilise also helps to ease financial strain by minimising unnecessary travel. It enables social workers to make better more informed decisions, helping to improve the overall quality of care and outcomes for vulnerable people.

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Use our ROI calculator to find out the return on investment by implementing Mosaic Mobilise within your service. We’ll work out how much you could save as well as your potential for increasing capacity by improving efficiency.

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Key features

Accessible information

Case notes, forms and workflow are recorded and synced automatically to the social care case management system, Mosaic.

Empower staff

More time is spent helping people and providing the highest quality of service. Care professionals can meet the demands of service users first-time.

Increased productivity

Social workers can complete work at the point of service delivery; spending more time on the jobs that matter most.

Keep data secure

Unlike paper notes, these can’t be lost or misplaced. All data is stored instantly and updated into Mosaic.

Joined up, modern and structured ways of working result in better informed decisions, meaning better outcomes for vulnerable people.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Mosaic Mobilise can help your local authority.

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Key benefits

For local authorities

  • Reduce administration – less associated expense from repeated journeys to base and lost paperwork
  • Provide better care – social care professionals have access to the most up-to-date and important information
  • Secure – information is fully encrypted both on and offline and is sent securely to and from the Mobilise app

For practitioners

  • Provide better care - time is spent delivering care rather than struggling with administration tasks
  • Better insight – access to the most up-to-date information at the point of care helps social workers create a more robust and personalised care plan
  • Better working environment – more time can be spent delivering care to vulnerable people, creating a more efficient and rewarding service
  • More efficient use of time - social workers can view their scheduled appointments on a map helping them plan their travel time more efficiently

For citizens

  • Better care – access to care plans at the point of care helps provide a better, more structured service based on their current needs
  • Efficient service – more people can receive the care they need, when they need it
  • Positive outcomes – accurate information means there is less likely to be mistakes

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