Mosaic Dynamic Purchasing

Mosaic Dynamic Purchasing simplifies care procurement and shifts the administrative burden away from the local authority. It allows them to publish packages of care they’re looking to procure directly to their network of care providers. This removes the very practical burden of having to contact individual suppliers to check the availability of specific packages of care. The local authority consequently has more time to focus on developing tailored care packages that provide better outcomes.

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The Care Act places substantial responsibility on councils to focus on meeting people’s needs by ensuring the delivery of quality and innovative social services.

Processes for setting up new tailored care packages for any individual can be laborious and time-consuming if local authorities rely on teams of people contacting providers to evaluate who has availability.

The current way of working is costly and results in delayed transfer of care, which has wider implications for the NHS. It also leads to poorer health and social care outcomes or the need for emergency care while a new care package is setup.

The care plan requirements recorded in Mosaic can be shared with relevant prospective providers efficiently through Mosaic Dynamic Purchasing. 

Read our brochure to find out how Mosaic Dynamic Purchasing can help your local authority.

Helping people get value-for-money personalised care when they need it. Integration with Mosaic reduces the admin burden on social care teams when securing services that meet a person’s individual needs.

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Key benefits

For local authorities

  • Mosaic Dynamic Purchasing simplifies and streamlines the procurement of care by local authorities by removing duplication of effort and freeing up workers to do more meaningful tasks
  • More than one provider can be contacted at once reducing the time spent calling providers individually
  • Drives competition between providers on quality of outcomes and wellbeing-focused services, as well
    as innovation and price - making the most of budget and increasing value for money
  • Faster decision making speeds up the process, resulting in better client outcomes
  • Removes risk of using non-secure email to transmit sensitive client information
  • Information exchanged between the local authority and providers is kept in the same place and more
    easily managed

For individuals

  • The care package is put in place faster with a quicker allocation process, resulting in a reduction of emergency care or delayed transfers
  • Mosaic Dynamic Purchasing supports bespoke and complex packages as the local authority can provide more detail about the needs of the person
  • Having tailored care packages means better outcomes for the individuals at better rates agreed between local authorities and providers, meaning a better use of their budget

For providers

  • Providers can receive requests for care services and respond in a very efficient way, reducing administration
  • Providers can manage their responses prioritising urgent and relevant requests
  • Helps providers respond more quickly resulting in better outcomes for the person
  • All relevant providers are fairly approached to offer services

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