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Effective access to high-quality, accurate data analysis is vital, but can be complicated with challenges in tracking progress and identifying trends.

Mosaic Business Intelligence provides a uniquely clear view across social care and integrated services. It allows you to identify pressure points and trends quickly, so you can target resources in precisely the right place, at the right time, for optimum outcomes.


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Mosaic Business Intelligence integrates with Servelec’s digital case management software, Mosaic. It enables users with the right permissions, from team level up, to build and manage their own information dashboards and extract vital information from various different databases. It is secure, because all access to relevant information is provided based on the granular role-based security access used in Mosaic, so users can only see appropriate, anonymised data.

Mosaic Business Intelligence offers Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) dashboards too, so you can see active MASH cases including RAG ratings, as well as partner information sharing requests and their status and timescales for decision making.

A digital system to record, access and audit observations

  • Easy input screens and user-friendly charts for patient observations and vital signs
  • Supports a wide range of patient observations and assessments
  • Calculates the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) automatically
  • Notifies when observations and tasks are due
  • Gives a full audit of all activity
  • Works on iOS, Android and Windows on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Synchronises immediately to provide real-time data across the Rio EPR system

Key benefits of Mosaic Business Intelligence

For Local Authorities:

  • Helps quickly identify pressure points and target resources
  • Provides accurate, up-to-date insight into trends in distinct groups
  • Gives you a better understanding of use and demand so you can deliver more cost-effective case management
  • Gives better insight into trends to allow smarter allocation of limited resources

For Management Information Professionals:

  • Allows the creation of specific dashboards without the need for
  • specialist technical knowledge
  • Uses intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • Replicates the role-based security provided with Servelec’s Mosaic case management system
  • Users can drill down into the underlying data and click through to Mosaic seamlessly

For Citizens:

  • Better targeted resources mean improved care
  • Reduced waste allows more focused approach
  • A more attentive, responsive service

For more details on how Mosaic Business Intelligence can give you the information you need to improve your patient care and efficiency, contact us today.

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