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Abacus social care finance software integrates with a range of case management systems, including Mosaic. It can reduce your administrative workload by as much as 80% to generate big cost savings while enabling you to focus on providing care.

An intuitive, integrated system, Abacus software automates processes and provides user-friendly workflows and financial reporting. It also enables online paperless payments, reducing your postage, paper and printing costs. And, by monitoring activity in real-time, the Abacus software suite ensures you and your providers are always up-to-date.


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Integrated, automated and efficient

Financial case management for social care

The Abacus social care system manages and administers social care finance. Abacus has been developed with local authorities to ensure it’s user-friendly, adaptable and secure. Across the UK, councils have been using Abacus for over 20 years to automate their social care payment and billing processes.

One platform, lots of savings  

Abacus is easy to configure to your specific needs and integrates with all leading case management and corporate ledger systems to create one seamless platform. It considerably reduces the time it takes to process and verify invoices and release payments – one council made annual savings of over £100,000 per year due to time saved on administration.

Real-time updates and excellent functionality

A specialist financial case management system, Abacus offers automated reassessments, credit control, debt management, immediate response to legislative changes and much more. It also has a portal that creates a secure link between you and your social care providers. This allows care workers to input the service they’ve provided and check the status of their payments in real-time.

Specialist social care finance

Our specialist product teams continually evolve Abacus to stay one step ahead of legislative changes. With Abacus you’ll always have easy-to-use software solutions ahead of statutory deadlines.

Free to focus on care

Integrating Abacus with Mosaic, our social care case management system, gives you a best-of-breed platform. It lets you put your efforts into caring and achieving great outcomes, rather than battling administration. We call this Digital Care and we’re by your side.

Key benefits of Abacus

For local authorities

  • Save money on all aspects of social care financial management
  • Avoid overpayment with automatic invoice checking
  • Save time by eradicating manual processes and duplicate data entry
  • Reduce postage, printing and paper costs
  • Improve data quality and reduce telephone queries
  • Get software updates before legislative deadlines
  • Produce clear management reports for use during any disputes

For providers

  • Get faster, more accurate payments
  • Improve cash flow, as invoice queries are resolved faster
  • Reduce administration, as paper invoices aren’t needed
  • Reduce the number and value of disputed payments.
  • Stay fully informed on payments with real-time online updates
  • Quickly identify claims that need investigating
  • Get a full overview of historic and current payments, occupancy levels and values

For service users

  • More independence from access to online data

Abacus mobile solution reduces administration for Warwickshire County Council

"It enabled our team to become more effective by reducing administration and duplication of work, bringing benefits to both the County Council and customers." Darren McCafferty - Financial Information, Systems and Assessments Manager, Warwickshire County Council

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Abacus modules and features

The Abacus software suite offers a range of modules and features to help you improve efficiency, accuracy, cost savings and service. Below are just a few of them.

Financial assessments

With Abacus, you can complete detailed financial assessments quickly and efficiently anywhere at any time, recording all information on a tablet or laptop. The data is then transferred securely to a central location at the end of the assessment so mobile devices never store sensitive service user information.

There’s no need for paper forms or duplicate data entry, which increases productivity and data accuracy. And, by shortening and simplifying the administration process, you can collect income sooner. Automated annual reassessments enable you to collect adjusted contributions earlier too.

With a centralised infrastructure, you can also be confident you’re working with the most up-to-date service user information, charging parameters and benefit rates.

Social care payments

Abacus manages payments for residential nursing, community homecare and day care, and automates many processes to save time and improve efficiency.

A secure online portal reduces your workload by enabling care providers to input details of their service delivery and request payments. You don’t need to print or administer invoices manually, and automated invoice matching and payment suspensions prevent you overpaying.

Abacus also makes automatic adjustments when financial assessments and payment rates change so you don’t need to spend time uplifting rates manually. And it reduces the number of queries by allowing providers to check payment details and statements online.

Service user billing

Abacus offers the most comprehensive service user billing system available. It automates calculations, adjusts bills and integrates seamlessly with our charging and debtor modules.

It also helps you determine client charges based on the service they receive and any financial support they’re entitled to. And it automatically adjusts calculations when the service, or a service user’s financial status, changes.  

Integrated direct debit functionality helps reduce arrears and increase efficiency, and you can customise invoices with messages and information to reduce customer queries. You can also create automated, customised letters to aid debt management, and workflows help you manage deferred payments easily. 

Systems integration

Abacus integrates with corporate ledgers and leading case management systems such as Mosaic. This gives you superior financial functionality and the simplicity of one seamless social care platform supported by experts.

Integrating your systems ensures data accuracy and saves time, as data only needs to be entered once. Your finance teams can then easily validate client data and any amendments to it. It also ensures you have consistent reporting across systems, and automated workflows to highlight potential errors.

When your case management or finance system needs adapting or upgrading, it’s less expensive and the disruption is minimal as you can update either system independently.

Reporting and workflows


Our flexible reporting tool lets you extract either detailed or summarised data from your Abacus database. You can easily create reports for debt management, payments, income and auditing, and get a clear overview of your future financial commitments. It also enables you to accurately review charging policies and meet local policy requirements.


Specialised workflows in Abacus help you manage deferred payment agreements, service orders, integration and deceased clients. There are also workflows to give managers more clarity on workloads and support them in assigning tasks and monitoring progress efficiently.

Automated validation checks reduce the risk of anomalies, system alerts automate many of your administration processes, and our workflows prevent the errors that can occur through manual processes.

We’ll work with you to configure the Abacus software suite in the best possible way to suit your needs and help you maximise the time and money you save.

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