Mosaic is a modern social care case management software that allows you to work on the move and provides the information you need wherever you are. It’s the only solution to let you manage adult’s, children’s and finance cases on one platform and it seamlessly integrates health and social care data.

Mosaic increases efficiency and gives social care professionals the time and data they need to achieve more positive outcomes for service users.

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Transform the way you work

Social worker with child

Social care assessment software with a holistic view

With Mosaic, you get full insight into each person’s situation and their environment. Family groups are linked, providing a holistic family. Time is saved as information is recorded once to automatically update all the family records. By giving the widest possible view of relevant relationships and a comprehensive understanding of a family, it provides crucial social care data for areas such as safeguarding.

A truly mobile digital case management system

With the Mosaic software suite, you’re not tied to the office – you can work on your preferred mobile device so you have everything you need at the point of care. Mosaic’s mobile case management software gives you easy access to information and tools whenever you need them. 

Supporting collaborative working

Mosaic’s online portal allows citizens and their families to interact with the council at a time that suits them and enables professionals to collaborate on cases directly.

Streamline your workflow

Mosaic’s online digital case management system is easy to use and quickly takes you to where you need to be in the customer journey. It simplifies how you record and monitor pathways and aligns your data with data from other services to save time and minimise risks. You also have all the workflows and forms you need to adopt best practices and meet statutory requirements.

Continual development

We work with local authorities to further develop Mosaic’s functionality and support them with initiatives such as the Three Conversations model. We’ve also collaborated to develop the first fully compliant Signs of Safety IT recording tool and we are working with partner agencies to develop an end-to-end recording tool for contextualised safeguarding.

More time for care

Mosaic is designed to help you do what you do best – care for others. We call it Digital Care, and we’re here to help you at every stage.

From 'inadequate' to the top 25% of children’s services – Cornwall’s remarkable story

"Servelec helped empower frontline staff by giving them the simple tools needed to track and monitor a child’s journey." Sally Hughes -Director of Children's Services, Cornwall Council

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Key benefits of Mosaic

For local authorities

  • Improve decision-making and minimise risks
  • Manage complex data with fewer resources
  • Save time and costs by reducing paperwork
  • Ensure best practice and meet statutory requirements
  • Improve data quality and accuracy
  • Achieve a good or outstanding Ofsted rating more easily
  • Enable cultural change

For practitioners

  • Get a holistic view of every influential aspect of a client’s life
  • Have more time to focus on individuals and improving their outcomes
  • Make better decisions with accurate information at the point of care
  • Collaborate more easily with families and other agencies
  • Get the insight to prioritise workloads
  • Respond to court requirements easily

For service users

  • Significantly improved outcomes
  • A better experience
  • Able to make informed choices
  • Empowered to have more influence on their care plan

We’ll help you implement Mosaic in a way that lets your social care teams work more efficiently and effectively.

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