Core+ | Learner Records Integration Service

To keep your records complete and accurate Servelec has developed an interface to the Learner Records Service allowing a young person’s record within the Core+ database to be updated with their ULN.

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The service runs automatically overnight updating as many records as possible within the period allowed. The initial run looks at all records that do not currently have a ULN and sends each record in turn to the Learner Records Service (LRS) to find a ULN match. The young person’s record(s) in Core+ is subsequently updated with the ULN. The service creates an audit of all the results received from the LRS. Any records that are not matched to a ULN are checked again and rechecked until a match is found. This is to allow the updating of ULN numbers where a young person has more than one ULN on the Learner Records database.


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