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Our tools and services help you operate our Core+ system efficiently, effectively and with access wherever it’s needed. So you can focus on supporting children and young people.

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Local Government Viewers

We know that there is often overlapping, or duplicated information stored by a local authority in relation to social care, education and youth services. A more connected view could not just save you time and money, but help you provide better care for vulnerable people of all ages. Conexes lets you view multiple data sources in one place, so you can work smarter and more efficiently.

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SMS, Email and Letter Integration

Core+ provides integrated tools for sending SMS text messages, Emails and Letters by post directly from Core+.

These services are designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective method to contact recipients without leaving the Core+ system, allowing your users to continue with their daily tasks. Replies to any SMS messages sent via contact records will be automatically added to the system and linked to the contact record.

  • Reduced administration costs
  • Supports remote working

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Health Checks

We are constantly making changes to our Core+ solution to help you do what you do best, look after young people, but are you using all the features the system has to offer? Our health checks could give your insight into under-used parts of the system that could enhance the way you work.

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Learner Record Service

To keep your records complete and accurate Servelec has developed an interface to the Learner Records Service allowing a young person’s record within the Core+ database to be updated with their ULN.

The service runs automatically overnight updating as many records as possible within the period allowed. The initial run looks at all records that do not currently have a ULN and sends each record in turn to the Learner Records Service (LRS) to find a ULN match. The young person’s record(s) in Core+ is subsequently updated with the ULN. The service creates an audit of all the results received from the LRS. Any records that are not matched to a ULN are checked again and rechecked until a match is found. This is to allow the updating of ULN numbers where a young person has more than one ULN on the Learner Records database.

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Address Gazetteer

The Gazetteer module allows authorities to link their local land property Gazetteer (LLPG) data to the Core+ system. Through Core+ we allow for the storing of (LLPG) data directly to the database to be searched on when populating addresses.

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