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The Core+ | CCIS (Client Caseload Information System) Solution has been designed to help Youth Services Teams record all case management information on a young person in one place, enabling more targeted support.

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Core+ | CCIS is fully compliant with the DfE’s (Department for Education) NCCIS Management Information requirement and comprises a suite of data management tools to ensure your data is up to date and error free.

Its most powerful feature is our unique Management Information Program which, at the click of a button, seamlessly compiles the data required for the monthly NCCIS (National Client Caseload Information System) submission to DfE. This allows the data to be further analysed and reported to meet local requirements.

Core+ | CCIS includes all of the statutory forms required for NCCIS, including full chronological histories, as well as many time saving features for the tracking of young people.

Core+ | CCIS streamlines traditional paperwork processes and workflows by providing an innovative tool that integrates with other Core+ solutions. This connected approach provides your practitioners with up-to-date case information at all times.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Core+ | CCIS can help your Local Authority.

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Key benefits of Core+

For local authorities

  • Simplified reporting and management information
  • Time and money saved
  • Reporting that meets legislative requirements

For Youth Service Teams

  • Effective and flexible reporting that keeps you fully compliant with NCCIS MI requirements
  • A single core client Young Person Record can be accessed by different services or departments, encouraging data sharing when paired with other Core+ modules
  • Supports the principle of record once, use many times
  • A flexible option, with inbuilt screen designer, editable look-up tables and configuration settings
  • Intuitive, with easy to use screen layouts and shortcuts
  • Integral role based ‘Error Management System’
  • Extensive role based security
  • The ‘Work Flow Management’ system promotes data quality
  • Unique management information program and data management tools simplify time-consuming processes
  • Tracking screen, allowing data to be inputted to multiple datasets from one place
  • The Core+ MI program encompasses a NEET (Young people Not in Education, Employment or Training) & Not Known calculator tool

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