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We help Youth Services Teams improve the lives of children and young people that need encouragement and guidance. We do this by providing an innovative tool that helps the teams record and report on group activities. By working closely with the individual and better understanding their needs, we can determine effective prevention strategies and set in place a programme that fully supports them.


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The Core+ | Youth Activity tool has been designed to help Youth Services Teams record and manage group activities, such as youth projects, youth crime prevention programmes, reparation programmes for young offenders, and drop-in sessions.

Servelec understands just how stressful and time-consuming it can be to stay on top of the paperwork and organisational aspects of youth services. By developing a solution that streamlines processes, speeds up reporting and simplifies the recording of information, the Youth Service Teams will have more time at their disposal to help make a difference to the young lives. 

Our comprehensive Project and Sessions structures allow services to record youth activities along with plans, aims and objectives, membership lists, dynamic attendance lists and evaluation records.

Multiple session records can be associated with any activity record each having an attendance list for young people, staff and volunteers; as well as a non-attendance list and the ability to create and evaluate outcomes for young people.

Each session can be further divided into sub-sessions each having their own plans, evaluation and attendance records

While the requirement to produce the best value performance indicators may no longer be in place, our Youth Activity module still fully supports the production of this data with Contact, Participant, Recorded and Accredited Outcomes available and much more.

When a vulnerable young person is welcomed into a group, it can make a real difference to their lives. The Core+ Youth Activity module can help your youth services team connect young people with a project or programme, whilst at the same time monitor the progress they are making within that group.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Core+ | Youth Activity can help your Local Authority.

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Key benefits of Core+ | Youth Activity

For communities

  • More coordinated prevention and intervention activity
  • A more positive outcome for young people

For local authorities

  • Simplified reporting and management information
  • Time and money saved

For Youth Service Teams

  • A single web-enabled database solution that holds all the key details on an individual and the groups they attend
  • Fast and efficient management of case information and workloads frees up time for service delivery and care
  • An easy to use interface allows group and individual details to be recorded quickly
  • A user friendly solution that can be customised to meet the needs of your team
  • Barcode creator and scanning equipment to monitor on site attendance levels

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