Core+ | S.M.A.S.H

We help Youth Service Teams improve the lives of young people and families affected by substance misuse. We do this by providing an innovative tool that integrates with other Core+ solutions. Our connected approach allows data sharing and cross service reporting, including vital intervention, incident and assessment information. By streamlining traditional paperwork processes, we can increase your face-to-face time with those who need it most.

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The Core+ | S.M.A.S.H module fulfils all the legislative and reporting requirements of the NDTMS (National Drugs Treatment Monitoring System) and provides a flexible solution for operational staff.

Perfect module for multi-agency work

Core+ | S.M.A.S.H is the perfect module for multi-agency work and has been designed with security in mind for the recording of work with young people and adults alike. The input screens for Case Records, Episodes, Interventions, Sub-Interventions, Referrals, Care Plans and Data Protection can be customised to meet local requirements.

Making life easier for workers

To make life a little easier for workers we have added short-cuts, workflows, alerts and other features including our Traffic Light system for Interventions and Sub-interventions ensuring timely reviews and progression.

Dedicated reporting tool

For the quarterly submission to NDTMS we have developed a dedicated reporting tool which, at the click of a button, collects the right data in the right format ready for upload. Unlimited regular and adhoc reports are also available using industry standard SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports.

Servelec understands just how difficult it can be dealing with substance abuse cases, and that’s why we are so committed to helping make the process easier for those on the front line. By providing you with the complete picture of any given case, risks will be reduced, time will be saved, and more focus can be put on rehabilitation.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Core+ | S.M.A.S.H can help your Local Authority.

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Key benefits of Core+ | S.M.A.S.H

For local authorities

  • Simplified reporting and management information
  • Time and money saved
  • The best care being received within the community

For Youth Service Teams

  • Different services can record their data against the same core client
  • Real-time reporting provides the most up-to-date information available
  • Improved management of case information and workloads frees up time for service delivery
  • A comprehensive solution covering: episode details, treatment start, assessments, care plans, data protection, intervention, outcomes, substances and referrals
  • A full chronological history and audit trail is maintained for all records
  • An interactive YPOR (Young Persons Outcome Record)
  • It has its own unique management information reporting tool for NDTMS submission
  • Uses industry standard Crystal Reports for local and ad hoc reporting
  • Fully customisable to meet the needs of your team

For young people

  • Better access to support services
  • More accurate and complete information means a support worker will be better informed of the individual’s case
  • Improved life chances for the most vulnerable

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