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Core+ | ILR module is the latest addition to our portfolio. Delivered through our tried and tested Core+ Framework allowing for seamless integration with other Core+ modules. Our Core+ | ILR module has been specifically designed for MI and PBR (Payment by Results) contract teams to capture and record all the elements of a contract in order to make successful returns. ILR module strikes the right balance between recording information and accurately reporting on the data.

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Core+ | ILR is part of our web-based, single database solution and encompasses all the features of our Core+ Framework, including screen designer, role based security, workflows, error management and document management.

ILR is one part of our Core+ system, meaning it can integrate easily with our WEX (Work Experience), WBL (Work Based Learning), CCIS (Client Caseload Information System), Youth Activity, Families, Youth Justice, Victims / Restorative Justice, SMASH and Child Licensing modules, allowing the sharing of information and generating cost savings on licences and operating costs when deployed across multiple teams.

We developed the new Core+ | ILR module to provide its customers with a faster more efficient way of recording and returning information back to the SFA. Using our proven Core+ system, ILR has been developed to record and report on all key elements of the Learner including both hard and soft targets single, multiple conformation of destinations which are vital to the progression of the client. Core+ | ILR module is delivered with many pre populated fields such as ULN and Learning Aims reducing the recording burden on practitioners.

Core+ | ILR module has been developed specifically for the purpose of capturing all the pertinent information regarding The Learner, Learner Delivery, Learning Provider, Destination and Progress including post contract required to fulfil contract obligations. The module has its own Extract and Export MI Tool allowing customers to submit on time and first time saving MI Teams time and ensuring their business meets its PBR objectives.

We help organisations save valuable time by simplifying and streamlining their contract recording and payment processes. We do this by providing an innovative solution that integrates with other Core+ solutions. By taking a connected approach to data sharing and cross service reporting, it’s never been easier to ensure all elements of a young person’s contract have been fulfilled before proceeding to a payment stage.

Read our brochure to find out more about how Core+ | ILR can help your Local Authority.

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Key benefits of Core+ | ILR

Simplified recording

  • Capture and record a client’s details including learner with learning difficulties or disabilities (LLDD), funding model and contact preferences
  • Record additional funding and monitoring information (FAM), EHCP, employment and benefit status
  • Different services can record their data against the same core client, as Core+ | ILR fully integrates with our suite of modules into a single database
  • Multi access saves time re-keying details
  • Supplied with learner records service (LRS) and learner aim reference application (LARS) for pre-populating clients Unique Learner Number (ULN) and Learning Aims

Easy reporting

  • Post contract updates for destinations and progression reporting can be quickly and easily maintained
  • The module provides pre-configured ILR views of the data in the structure/layout outlined by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to simplify and speed up report writing
  • Frequently used reports can be embedded within Core+
  • Uses industry standard Crystal Reports for local and bespoke reporting

Compliant returns

  • The easy to use ILR Extract and Export tool is fully compliant
  • Multiple extract ILR files can be produced using UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN)
  • Specify start and end dates only show active ILR records
  • Carry out a data quality and validation check prior to submission

Complete Remittance

  • All paperwork is fully compatible with the Government’s Funding Information System (FIS)
  • Flexible selection criteria allows snapshot exports for validation and reporting using the FIS
  • The module enables MI teams to meet PBR targets and deadlines
  • Provides proof that they have followed up the client’s destination/progression, in three and six month periods after the contract has finished


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