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The National Event Management System for Digital Child Health improves outcomes for children through sharing of key health information with all those involved in their care.

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The first step in providing modern, responsive services for children is to ensure that key health information can be shared appropriately with all those involved in their care quickly and accurately.

Our National Event Management Service for Digital Child Health (NEMS for DCH) allows health services and organisations to publish and subscribe to Healthy Child Programme information. It seamlessly receives and publishes data from the events or interventions a child has received to and from the appropriate areas in Rio, ensuring infants and children receive appropriate care by giving health visitors and school nurses access to up-to-date information to support better decision making.


Key Features

  • Child health record automatically updated with NIPE, bloodspot, newborn hearing, vaccination, address and GP information
  • Real time sharing of data from external systems into our Rio electronic patient record system
  • Automatic registration of new births and instant notification to Rio of death
  • Automatic child health record and referral creation for families moving into area for appropriate Health Visiting Teams

NEMS for DCH increases the efficiency of information exchange between health visiting, primary care and school nursing.

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Key benefits

Benefits for families

  • Improved care and safeguarding by sharing important notification of events to all interested parties delivering care
  • Families that move into the area and register with a new GP or move address will be contacted immediately, informed of local services and receive an appropriate level of care
  • Bereaved families will receive appropriate support in a timely manner and not be contacted by services who are unaware that their child has died

Benefits for professionals

  • A new child health record is created with all mandatory demographic details and birth information, saving time and increasing accuracy compared to manual data entry
  • Child added to professional’s caseload automatically and risk of missing children reduced as well as minimising inefficiencies caused by late notification of change of address
  • Data is automatically added, updated and deleted in the appropriate area within the Rio electronic patient record from different people working with a child for example health visiting, GP and lab results

Benefits for Trusts

  • NEMS for Digital Child Health will populate information in the digital redbook, supporting Healthy Child Programme
  • Exchanges events and interventions a child has received between organisations involved in their care; ensuring infants and children receive care by giving health visitors and school nurses access to up to date information
  • NEMS enables direct system to system transfer of data to replace manually entered data into children’s records, freeing up professionals’ time to provide better care
  • Designed to be a generic transport mechanism which can support a variety of use cases and event types from different care settings, NEMS has adopted the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) endorsed record standards

Our approach to interoperability

Working together, we can achieve better outcomes for people through interoperable health and care systems. Find out more about our approach to interoperability at Servelec.

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