Local Government Viewers

Supporting early intervention and improving outcomes for children and young people.

Our integrated solution supports improved decision-making and helps facilitate better outcomes across social care, education and youth services, improving the lives of children, young people and their families.


Viewing information about an individual child or young person across sectors and care settings can be difficult. While data sharing arrangements are often in place, processes and practices vary from council to council.

Children’s services are delivered by a wide range of teams and professionals who often have to manage a young person’s data in two or more Servelec systems.

Our Local Government Viewers enable improved information sharing about children and young people between practitioners, allowing them to see all appropriate records held in multiple systems without switching.

It’s an integrated solution connecting social care, education and youth services so that those involved with a young person can have a simple way to see their
interactions with services, whichever Servelec system they use.

Key features

  • Improved information sharing across local government providing a more joined up and complete picture of a child or young person’s circumstances
  • Through Mosaic, Synergy and Core+, Servelec provides access to key information that can be
    securely shared through integrated viewers with users of other council teams
  • Safe, secure environment to view data between various departments, delivering a joined up approach to care

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Provides access to high level social care, youth offending, attendance and other education data to give a holistic view of a young person

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Key benefits

For children, young people and their families

  • Early intervention and prevention is more likely with sharing of information between multiple agencies,
    resulting in better outcomes for the young person
  • Receive more personalised care as workers have access to the complete picture of the young person’s circumstances
  • Young people aren’t repeatedly asked the same questions over and over, often about sensitive issues
  • Joined up services means the young person is less likely to have clashing appointments and professionals can offer more coordinated support
  • Appropriate and tailored care delivered in a timely

For local authorities

  • Enables integrated working across education, social work and youth service departments to provide access to records and information from other services in real-time
  • Improved data quality and consistency of shared records
  • Allows for faster point of care decisions by having
    visibility of a young person’s interaction across a range of services
  • Removing the need for unnecessary rekeying of
    information to increase efficiency

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