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Conexes Shared Care Record Integrations enables seamless integration for digital health and care records to help you free up care professionals to do what they do best, care for others.

Sharing records between providers significantly improves the experience for people needing care, regardless of their needs and where they are in their journey.

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Too often, vulnerable people are left frustrated by delayed access to essential services because professionals and practitioners are unable to access an up-to-date complete record.

Access to shared records means carers spend less time chasing information and more time caring, while patient safety is improved.

Through our interoperability platform Conexes, Servelec provides access to integrated digital care records at a national and local level.

How it works

Through Conexes, we help Integrated Care Systems join up mental, community and child health records stored in Rio and social care records stored in Mosaic with acute hospitals, GP practices and ambulance services.

Through a range of interfaces to third party Shared Care Record software providers, such as the Medical Interoperability Gateway, Orion, Graphnet and Cerner, we make sure any record can easily be viewed and, depending on permissions, updated without the user needing to switch system.

Similarly, data held in Rio or Mosaic can be viewed in other systems through integration with a local health and care record platform.

Role-based security features can be enabled and help maintain data security and privacy by restricting access to records, so that only those who require access to certain records to deliver care are given permission.

The Process 

Read our brochure to find out how Share Care Record Integrations can help you.

The drive to integrate health and social care, reduce costs and improve services means that primary care, mental health, community health, councils and partners must work together. Putting the right information in the hands of the right professionals at the right time helps you to provide better care.

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Key benefits

For care providers

  • Improves safety and patient experience by making important information such as allergy data, medication, diagnosis and social factors available across all settings
  • Prevents unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Saves time and money by avoiding duplicate tests or assessments
  • Supports safeguarding by sharing alerts across settings for both adults and children
  • Supports more accurate understanding of populations, helping to design more effective services
  • Improves data accuracy as data copied between systems often becomes out of date
  • Improves security by preventing the sharing of information using non-secure methods

For professionals

  • Improves a health and care professional’s understanding of a person’s needs and supports them in their decision making
  • Saves time by reducing the need to manually request information
  • Get immediate access to data that would otherwise be unavailable, difficult to obtain or missed in the assessment and planning process

For the person

  • Improves the person’s experience of the care system, removing the need to repeatedly provide the same information to different professionals
  • Helps professionals provide a personalised treatment plan, unique to the person being cared for
  • Improves safety by reducing the need for repeated tests
  • Prevents unnecessary hospital stays
  • Helps people engage in their own care and provides individuals access to their care record

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