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Streamline the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) ordering process and view reports through your Rio EPR system, reducing delays, increasing efficiency and improving patient care.

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ICE is a third-party system widely used by NHS trusts for requesting pathology testing and the reporting of the results. This reduces delays so that important test results can be presented to patients promptly and easily.

How it works

Conexes has been developed to support bi-directional real-time integration between Servelec software and other healthcare systems. The ICE Integration has been designed to provide Rio users with two features; the ability to view reports showing a patient’s tests results and creating an order for a new test. The data flows between systems are encrypted to AES256 standards and Conexes will decrypt with a key configured on the Rio exchange as part of the implementation. 

ICE is able to validate if there’s a patient on their system and will create a patient record from the demographic detail passed through if no patient is present when an order request is made. If no patient can be found during a report request an error message will be returned to explain there is no record present.

Security of orders and results is preserved as the ICE dialogue is launched in a separate window within Rio and the window auto closes once a user navigates away from the patient 

The Process 

Read our brochure to find out how Conexes Integrated Clinical Environment can help you.

The drive to integrate health and social care, reduce costs and improve services means that primary care, mental health, community health, councils and partners must work together. Putting the right information in the hands of the right professionals at the right time helps you to provide better care.

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Key Benefits

For Trusts

  • Improves security by preventing the sharing of information using non-secure methods
  • Saves time and money by avoiding duplicate tests
  • Improves quality of data by not having to manually input data from one system into another

For healthcare professionals

  • Saves time by allowing immediate access to results in Rio without having to wait for manual record searching and data input
  • New patient records created automatically when the patient record doesn’t already exist within ICE, saving time

For patients

  • Improves the patient experience by making care more efficient and reducing waiting time for results
  • Personal information is kept secure throughout the data handling process
  • All relevant healthcare professionals involved in their care can see their results through Rio

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