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Conexes Information Viewers give Real-time access to health and social care information in one place.

We help you provide better care and save time by sharing information contained in our Rio EPR or Mosaic case management system with your other systems, instantly.

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Your health and social care professionals are frustrated because they must access many different systems or speak to several colleagues to get a full picture of the person they’re caring for.

This slows down decision-making and the provision of life-changing support, resulting in a poor patient experience. Your trust or council is not alone in this challenge, it’s consistent across health and care.

Sharing information can help, particularly between health and social care. Access to shared records means carers spend less time chasing information and more time caring.

Through our interoperability platform Conexes, Servelec can securely share information held in Mosaic or Rio with your other systems, giving your care professionals a better view of a person’s needs.

How it works

Our Mosaic Information Viewer and Rio Information Viewer each provide an interface into the respective system, that can be displayed in other platforms used by your organisation. This means that whichever system your care professionals are using, they can access vital information from Servelec’s Mosaic and Rio software without having to sign out of one system, and into another. Or more time consumingly, identify a colleague who has access and contact them for the information they need to carry out their care. Each interface is designed so that it matches the host system, ensuring it is easy and familiar for users to access.

Interfaces can be provided between Mosaic and Rio, or alternatively Mosaic and Rio interfaces can be provided for third party systems. Role-based security features can be enabled and help maintain data security and privacy by restricting access to records, so that only those who require access to certain records to deliver care are given permission.

Read our brochure to find out how Conexes Information Viewers can help you.

The drive to integrate health and social care, reduce costs and improve services means that primary care, mental health, community health, social care and partners must work together. Putting the right information in the hands of the right professionals at the right time helps you to provide better care.

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Key benefits

For health and social care providers

  • Improves safety and patient experience by making important information such as allergy data, medication, diagnosis and social care interventions available across all settings
  • Prevents unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Saves time and money by avoiding duplicate tests or assessments
  • Supports safeguarding by sharing alerts across settings for both adults and children
  • Supports more accurate understanding of populations, helping to design more effective services
  • Improves data accuracy as data copied between systems often becomes out of date
  • Improves security by preventing the sharing of information using nonsecure methods

For professionals

  • Improves a health and care professional’s understanding of a person’s needs and supports them in their decision making
  • Saves time by reducing the need to manually request information
  • Get immediate access to data that would otherwise be unavailable, difficult to obtain or missed in the assessment and planning process

For the person

  • Improves the person’s experience of the care system, removing the need to repeatedly provide the same information to different professionals
  • Helps professionals provide a personalised care plan, unique to the person being cared for
  • Improves safety by reducing the need for repeated tests
  • Prevents unnecessary hospital stays
  • Helps people engage in their own care and provides individuals access to their care record

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