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Conexes | ADW

Last year, 20.8% of all transfer of care delays were due to patients waiting for a care package in their own home. Conexes Assessment Discharge and Withdrawal (ADW) is a cost-effective interoperability solution that reduces delays in the transfer of care. Efficient information flow in healthcare and social care improves patient well-being and reduces the costs associated with delayed discharge.

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Transfer of care delays frustrate patients who want to go home and places a burden on hospitals that need to manage their bed occupancy. The source of these delays is often due to inefficiencies when patient information is transferred between a hospital and the local authority.

NHS Digital created the NHS ADW standard to streamline the patient experience as they move from hospital care to social care. Powered by our interoperability platform, Conexes, assessment, discharge and withdrawal information is routed through the NHS MESH platform to our social care case management system, Mosaic, which has been NHS accredited.

Efficient data flow:

Notices are uploaded automatically to Mosaic and a workflow is automatically created for the right person.


No need to re-input data or print personal records. All data is kept securely within one connected package.

Reduce delays:

Better information transfer reduces the possibility of delays in the transfer of care between hospitals and local authorities.


Care records and support plans are kept up to date without the need for multiple data entry.

The hopes (and fears) of social workers for hospital discharge processes, post-COVID

Julie Tyas, registered social worker, and Senior Business Application Consultant at Servelec discusses how the assessment, discharge and withdrawal process has changed during the pandemic and her hopes for the future.

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The Process

Conexes ADW process diagram


The hospital providing care will inform the appropriate local authority social care team that an assessment of the patient’s care and support needs is required.. Where known it will also include an expected discharge date.

Discharge notice

Following the issue of an assessment notice, a discharge notice is sent by the hospital to social services through the NHS Digital MESH (Message Exchange for Social Care and Health) platform and received by Mosaic, confirming the patient’s proposed discharge date.

Withdrawal notice

This is used to withdraw a previously issued assessment notice and/or a discharge notice. A withdrawal notice may be issued for several reasons such as changes to the patient’s medical condition or eligibility for NHS continued healthcare.

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The drive to integrate health and social care, reduce costs and improve services means that primary care, mental health, community health, social care and partners must work together. Putting the right information in the hands of the right professionals at the right time helps you to provide better care.

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Key Benefits

For local authorities

  • Direct responses – both the local authority and the hospital respond directly, populating care records automatically
  • Save time – care workers have immediate access to notices without having to wait for manual record searching and data input
  • Accessible – care workers can access the information they need directly from Mosaic
  • Cost effective - fast return on investment 

For healthcare

  • Better bed management – transfer of care is quicker, freeing up more beds for those that need them most
  • Efficient - Direct messages between hospitals and local authorities reduces response times
  • Minimise manual follow-up – a clear record of notices and responses removes the possibility of notifications being misplaced
  • Reduce paper – an electronic way of transferring information removes the reliance on paper records

For patients

  • Faster transfer of care – sharper response turnaround decreases the time lapsed between assessment and discharge
  • Improved support – appropriate at home care support can be arranged by the local authority prior to discharge
  • Confidence – personal information is kept secure throughout the data handling process

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