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A cloud-based interoperability platform that enables a safe, secure environment to share data between various systems and mobile apps to deliver an integrated approach to patient care.


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Enabling data sharing across care settings to deliver integrated care

NHS Trusts often have to deal with a range of different patient data that is used in systems independent of Servelec systems. Some systems are legacy, some are new; many are not fully integrated. To enable the delivery of quality and efficient care, sharing data often requires manual access for duplicate data entry and clinical staff need to update these systems with new information, multiple times. This is time-consuming and can lead to serious inaccuracies in records and costly inefficiencies in reporting.

Working on a subscription model, Servelec offers a tiered approach to Conexes, allowing you access to the level of data sharing appropriate to your Trust.

With Conexes, you can access a number of interfaces grouped into packs. These would be supplementary to the basic subscription.

The NHS Five Year Forward View is clear that Trusts must adopt interoperable systems that can share information whilst achieving the Government’s Paperless by 2024 ambitions.

Helping you deliver patient focused integrated care

Read our Conexes for Healthcare brochure to find out how you can realise better healthcare services through the delivery of Digital Care.

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Key benefits of Conexes

For the NHS Trust

  • Helps you deliver on the NHS agenda to improve interoperability by integrating data from numerous interfaces as well as third-party solutions
  • Provides improved accuracy in the patient record system for more efficient data entry
  • Saves money, time and resources
  • Enables mobile working to reduce inefficiencies

For practitioners

  • Removes the need to individually manually update systems
  • Saves time, improves accuracy and reduces the risk of human error
  • Empowers nursing practitioners with the ability to read and edit numerous patient records
  • Ensure more efficient record management - no double, triple or quadruple data entry
  • Improved clinical effectiveness, for more informed decisions and better patient outcomes

For patients

  • Ensures medical practitioners have the patient’s full set of information available to them to deliver more consistent and effective care
  • Holistic approach delivers a better outcome
  • Improves reassurance and confidence in the service

Conexes supports a number of standards, including SOAP, REST, HL7 v2, v3 and FHIR thereby providing a range of flexible options to allow third-party solutions to connect in ways which best fit your own interoperability capabilities. 

To see how Conexes platform can help to deliver an integrated approached to patient care, contact us today.

Delivering data sharing for local government services

Read our Conexes Local Authority brochure to find out how you can realise better public services through the delivery of Digital Care.

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Shared Care Records and Digital Health Interoperability

As trusts move towards interoperability, the use of shared care records can provide a more holistic view of a patient across health and social care. We look at what shared care records are and how they can help by giving you access to all the information you need at the point of care, throughout a patient's journey.

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