The Synergy school admissions solution is live at Stockport Council

Servelec is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the Synergy Admissions solution at Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.



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The school admissions process has changed considerably and is a critical stage in each child’s journey through education. Local authorities driving more services online, to streamline processes and provide real-time updates to parents, demand a robust and dependable system.  Synergy has always evolved with the changing landscape and the changing needs of local authority customers over the years to provide a trustworthy and agile solution.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has joined an ever increasing number of authorities choosing Synergy to support their admissions team in providing an efficient solution; helping parents and young people secure their preferred educational future in the local area.

The Synergy Admissions solution provides parents with a secure, dynamic interface for managing their child’s admissions process, available anytime, anywhere on any device. Parents are kept up-to-date with their child’s application in the newly implemented Parent Portal, and are able to accept, decline or appeal offers at the appropriate dates in the process. The solution enables parents to view all the information they need, and make their preferences quickly, with helpful validations in place to help them enter correct information, reducing problems for the Admissions team.

With the current admissions rules and regulations prescribed by the government, an increasing number of schools are able to make their own decisions on which child gets a place. This causes challenges for the local authorities who are held to account for providing a school place for every child conforming to the admissions code of practice. 

Synergy supports the Council’s admissions team in managing this coordination process, providing a robust, efficient solution, serving both the school decisions and the authority maintained school places.

Steve Kierney, Managing Director, at Servelec Education, said:

“We are delighted that Stockport Council joins Surrey County Council and Kent County Council as the third local authority to go live with Synergy’s Admissions solution in 2016. Stockport now joins our established customer base of 49 local authorities that use the Synergy Admissions solution, meaning that almost 7 million children in the UK have secured their school place via Synergy’s Admissions suite since 2002.

The admissions process in education is a vital service and our local authority customers require a robust and reliable system to manage the journey and give parents the best experience possible. The Synergy Admissions solution is the best tried, and trusted, solution to support co-ordinated admissions and transfers, and allows our local authority customers to operate efficiently and effectively.”

Stockport plans to go-live with the School Access Module in Autumn 2016 to enable the schools to interface directly online with the Admissions solution. This provides schools with real-time access to all the admissions information held by the authority, and allows them to rank applications according to their own criteria during the admissions window, further reducing administration time for both the school and the Admissions team.