Supporting the social care response to COVID-19

As the care sector continues to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, Julie Tyas, registered social worker and Senior Strategy Lead at Servelec discusses how we’re helping to support local authorities by quickly responding to changing guidance

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In recent weeks, the Government has produced specific guidance for the social care sector regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At Servelec, we’re committed to supporting our customers around particular areas of this guidance where we can.

Care Act easement measures

Changes to the Care Act 2014 allow local authorities to enact Care Act ‘easement’ measures. These changes aim to help local authorities prioritise care and support during the outbreak.

The provisions are temporary and should only be used when it is not possible for local authorities to comply with their duties under the Care Act.

The Government has said that local authorities should do everything they can to continue meeting their existing duties prior to the Coronavirus Act 2020 provisions coming into force, and that a local authority should only take a decision to begin exercising easements when the workforce is significantly depleted, or demand on social care increased, to an extent that it is no longer reasonably practicable for it to comply with its Care Act duties.

The Department for Education has also issued advice on supporting vulnerable children and young people through the crisis.

New free Mosaic forms for COVID-19 support

Should any of our customers need to enact the ‘easement’ measures, we’ve developed a much simpler ‘Assessment and care plan’ form that can be used to support this.

We’ve also developed a ‘Covid-19 checklist for vulnerable children and young people’ form to help our customers gather and monitor information. This can help to manage situations where there are vulnerable children and young people whilst also supporting social care staff to identify any additional precautionary measures they may need to take when working in these situations.

For any customers who use CoramBAAF forms for fostering and adoption services, CoramBAAF has very recently released two new forms to support with the crisis which we have now added to our Customer-Led Configuration (CLC) in Mosaic. All customers can access these free of charge.

The 2 new forms are:

  • CoramBAAF Emergency self-dec of health – C19
  • CoramBAAF self-dec of health – C19

All the supporting COVID-19 forms can be accessed free of charge from our online customer Mosaic instance.

Customers can log in, view the COVID-19 forms and export them into local instances as required.

Please speak to your Mosaic system administration team for your local login details. If you have a problem accessing your Mosaic customer instance account, please log a request via the Service Desk portal.

To discuss these changes, please email Julie on or find out more about Mosaic.