Servelec's drive to deliver truly integrated care

With a new role at Servelec that heralds his return to the healthcare industry, Neil Laycock, Managing Director of Servelec’s healthcare business, is once again shaping the industry’s interoperability agenda. With aspirations to make Servelec the most interoperable vendor in the market, we caught up with Neil to discuss his initial months with the company. Servelec has a unique position across healthcare, social care and education which will underpin the delivery of its interoperability agenda.

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Neil Laycock

Known for its Rio EPR system in the community and mental health care settings, what attracted you to working with Servelec?

Servelec has a long, established history in the healthcare market and is well respected for its products and people. I’m very excited to immerse myself in the healthcare market again, and to bring a new angle to the business and our customer base, gained from my previous experience with GP systems and patient facing systems, as this brings another perspective to delivering the bigger picture.

Servelec has a long-held ambition to play a core role in the government-mandated agenda towards integrated care. Our unique position as a best-of-breed vendor of software solutions across healthcare, social care and education is something that makes me believe we can make this a reality far sooner than others in the market. I have a strong aspiration to make Servelec the most customer-focused and interoperable vendor in the market.

The need for a more integrated approach to patient care is core to everything our business does and believes and it is something our people are passionate about. With recent developments in the markets we serve and our product development focus, we aim to be the leading player in the delivery of data sharing to deliver patient-focussed, integrated care.

As you say, integrated care has been on the government agenda for some time, why do you think Servelec can help make it a reality now?

Vendors in our market place have historically been incredibly guarded in opening up their systems to others at the expense of delivering improved citizen outcomes or care to patients. There have been successes with point to point data sharing and the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) , But my vision of interoperability is for all the appropriate information to be available in the same screen to every clinician at the point in the clinician’s workflow, irrespective of the source system. I will work with our customers and user group to define these requirements and build them into deliverable solutions.

"I have a strong aspiration to make Servelec the most customer-focused and interoperable vendor in the market."

Government funding comes in waves and the centrally-mandated need to share data has never been more clearly articulated. The anticipated move towards collective commissioning of integrated systems has so far failed to materialise, hence the drive has to come from individual organisations wanting to integrate data to improve care at a local level. This level of data sharing and interoperability has led to small pockets of the healthcare economy where local shared care records are now becoming a reality, but actions remain at a localised level.

Servelec has always been involved in the drive towards Integrated Care and the data requirements of this, but with the technology advances the business has made through our integration platform I believe we are in a unique position to truly support the information needs of Integrated Care.

Without this central funding or push to make Trusts, Local Authorities and vendors interoperate, is there a risk of reinventing the wheel each time?

Currently, any regional CCG or STP-led initiative to create a shared care record, or to interoperate with a local authority service is driven and delivered locally. There is currently little opportunity, other than at vendor level, for the learning from one process to be taken to another region or interoperability instance such that efficiencies and economies of scale are returned to the NHS.

In the current environment of increasing budgetary constraints, at Servelec, we wanted to create one secure platform whereby true interoperability can be achieved, efficiencies delivered and patient outcomes improved. In essence this is what our Conexes platform was developed to deliver, which will be launched at the forthcoming Rio User Group in September.

At Servelec we realised that we can make it easy for regions to share information between our own software solutions across acute, non-acute, social care and education settings.  However, the wider data ecosystem involved in the effective delivery of patient-centred care includes additional data from GP systems, laboratories, departmental systems and increasingly youth offending and the police service. Through Conexes, we can now deliver a bespoke solution efficiently without reinventing the wheel each time; such that informed clinical decisions can be made far sooner than in an unintegrated region.

Our state-of the-art cloud based Conexes platform for interoperability allows Trusts, or Local Authorities, to share data with whoever they need to via a secure and safe platform. Rather than a point-to-point solution, it’s more of a broad ‘pick n mix’ API approach to Trusts defining their requirements and needs and then the platform is tailored to suit, very quickly. As a cloud-based solution, customers can be up and running within a few weeks as no new integration hardware is required to deliver a solution.

"Through Conexes, we can now deliver a bespoke solution efficiently without reinventing the wheel each time; such that informed clinical decisions can be made far sooner than in an unintegrated region."

This all sounds very exciting. How confident are you that Servelec can deliver?

We already have plans and developments underway to our core products that will resonate with our customers and deliver on our revised more, clinically focused approach. I am incredibly excited about the prospects for delivering interoperability and the rich services this will enable to deliver better care. Personally, I have a strong track record of delivering customer-focused requirements and this is something our customers will benefit from tremendously. Those attending our forthcoming user group will experience an immediate increase in focus, as we unveil our product roadmap for Rio and also our interoperability plans.

We have a strong team in place, with a lot of very capable and passionate people focused on the differences we can make. We also have some exciting opportunities for people who want to join Servelec on this journey, in both developing our products and delivering with our customers. Our central Sheffield location, and offices in London, Norwich and Northwich provide the environment to thrive and grow as an individual whilst helping to deliver improvements in the delivery of integrated care.

If you'd like to see how our software can help to deliver an integrated approach to patient care contact us today.