Servelec supports NHS in delivering more personalised, responsive and integrated services to families and children

Servelec, a provider of health, social care, education and youth services software, announces the interoperability of its leading Electronic Patient Record system, Rio, with the new National Event Management Service (NEMS).

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One of the very first companies to connect to NEMS, users of Servelec’s Rio system can now access child health intervention information instantly, securely and digitally vastly speeding up diagnosis and treatment. 

The new National Events Management Service (NEMS) securely publishes information on key health interventions for children so that parents and health professionals can receive the information digitally, using it to inform decisions on care and treatment. The service initially launched in partnership with North East London Foundation Trust, a long-stranding Servelec customer, and its health visiting services.

Martin Dennys, Programme Manager for Digital Child Health in NHS Digital, says:

Garry McCord, Chief Strategy Officer at Servelec, says: “This announcement illustrates the NHS’ ongoing commitment to achieving interoperability of systems and data across the NHS – something which Servelec fully supports and is pioneering from the supplier side. Rio was created with the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record to enable the very best and most efficient healthcare.”

Garry adds: “Rio will exchange data with the National Event Management System via our Conexes platform, which can then be transferred to other services and professionals. Through this, we are helping to enrich child health data.”

The scope of the National Events Management Service will evolve over time, working in conjunction with other local and national services, to support the whole of the Healthy Child Programme pathway and the availability of NHS-held clinical information to parents via digital red books.