Servelec launches Employee Wellbeing App to help NHS trusts and local authorities to care for the carers

Leading provider of digital care software, Servelec, together with its mobile workforce solution partner Totalmobile, today announces the launch of the Employee Wellbeing App. With key workers up and down the country under enormous pressure on the frontlines of the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Servelec has developed a new app to help NHS trusts and local authorities support their dedicated staff during and post the current crisis.

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Using its knowledge and expertise of working with customers in healthcare and local government on technology that improves people’s lives, Servelec has built the Employee Wellbeing App to help NHS trusts and local authorities meet their duty of care to their people. Whether in councils or schools, hospitals or social care settings, many employees are now working from home remote from their teams or coming face to face with the reality of COVID-19’s impact. There’s a real need to monitor and ensure they’re safe and healthy.

Through the app, staff can capture how they’re feeling with a simple mood recording and wellbeing form. It allows them to record their mental and physical health, report if they’re self-isolating and confirm when they’re able to work. Available on iOS and Android, it has an easy onboarding process where users can be up and running within minutes by downloading the app and verifying their identity.

In addition, the app offers suggestions to help alleviate low mood and can track when these have been used, providing access to guidance documents. Managers can use the information captured to see the live working status of their team and report on wellbeing data, available in dashboard format via Microsoft Reporting, Power BI or data extract. The app can be instantly rolled out with no configuration required.

Nicola Cliffe, People Director at Servelec, comments: “Key workers are delivering vital services at this time to help those caught up in the pandemic, but it’s so important to remember that they too need help to get through this. The health and wellbeing of any organisation starts with its people, and in the context of the current environment, those who are giving so much in order to help and protect others. They may be feeling more anxious, frustrated or isolated than usual which can of course lead to mental and physical ill-health. We’re committed to helping our customers to care for our carers, and the Employee Wellbeing App is designed to help them to do just that.”

The Employee Wellbeing App is the latest development from Servelec in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and follows the launch of the Mood Diary App for Rio to support mental health patients, and rapid deployment of Rio Mobilise at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, easing pressure on its community nursing services.

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