Rio Child and Public Health System to support NHS Boards in Scotland

In July 2022, a national Child and Public Health system will be rolled out across 14 NHS Boards in Scotland, using Servelec’s Rio Electronic Patient Record (EPR) software. Rio was selected using requirements from stakeholders across NHS Scotland to replace the existing legacy systems. 

Rio will be used to record child health interactions, automatically integrating new birth information in health records through to managing the standard set of interventions such as immunisations and health reviews, to support the healthy development of a child.

The ease of access to the Rio system means Child Health practitioners will, over time, be able to move away from paper-based processes to record health visits and immunisation outcomes; all interactions will be held in an electronic patient record for a real-time view where there is consent to share. As the system has a single database for all NHS Boards, processes are more efficient when someone moves between regions.   

The Delivery Lead for the implementation of Rio comments “Servelec’s Rio software was selected through public procurement to deliver the new Child and Public Health system that will support Scotland’s Routine Childhood Immunisation Programme and Universal Health Visiting Pathway. When it has been configured to meet the requirements of these programmes, NHS Boards will be able to provide their healthcare professionals with access to a single, centrally held instance of a Scotland-wide, life-long immunisation record. This will ensure they have access to up-to-date information to aid their decision making. Over time, efficiencies will also be achieved through increased direct entry of information and reduction of paper-heavy processes.”

Vicky Mudd, Clinical Director at Servelec comments, “it’s vital that health workers have access to the most up-to-date information about the child and their family. Having Rio implemented across all NHS Boards in Scotland will minimise the risk of missing information. Access to this information will ensure that the child and their family will receive the right care at the right time, meaning that they have the best possible start in life, supporting a healthier lifestyle and reducing potential childhood illnesses that may then need later healthcare interventions.”

Rio also manages adult, community and mental health information and is used in over 50 NHS trusts in England to provide a holistic view of a patient.  Rio integrates with Servelec’s social care case management system, Mosaic, to allow information sharing between health and care workers for a more joined-up view of a person. By integrating data across care settings, it supports more informed decision making, streamlines processes and leads to better care for families.

Servelec look forward to supporting the national implementation of Rio across the NHS Boards in Scotland in 2022, providing technology that makes a difference to people’s lives.

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