On World Mental Health Day, Servelec supports mental health for all

Today – Saturday 10 October – is World Mental Health Day. In a year which has been more challenging than most, with every aspect of people’s lives impacted because of the Covid-19 pandemic - raising awareness around our mental health and helping those who find themselves in crisis has never been more important.

This year’s theme, set by the World Federation for Mental Health, is ‘mental health for all’. At Servelec, we’re really proud of how we support not only our own staff with their mental health through a range of initiatives, but people up and down the country – by building solutions which are helping them get the right care when it counts.

An example of this is the work we’ve been doing with NHS Digital to roll out the National Record Locator (NRL). NRL helps mental health professionals and ambulance services find out whether a person has a Mental Health Crisis Plan (MCHP) when it’s needed. We know that putting the right information at the fingertips of the caregivers at the point of care can make a real difference.

The London Ambulance Service is one of the organisations we’ve been working with to realise the benefits that NRL can bring for its paramedics and patients. As Chief Clinical Information Officer and Paramedic, Stuart Crichton, said:

“For the last 40 years in ambulance care, we’ve attended with pen and paper and gathered information as best we can on the scene. Now with NRL, we have the ability to access the MCHP very quickly so we can make the right decisions with the patient’s best interests at heart.”

We’re also supporting mental health specialists improve the way they work through our Rio electronic patient record (EPR). By sharing data across secondary care, GP and social care systems, we can provide a single view of a patient. And our Mood Diary App for Rio helps to support a person’s mental wellbeing – giving them access to their safety plan when they need it, and allowing clinicians to see a record of their mood between conversations – so early interventions can be made if they’re needed.

It’s all about creating interoperable health and care systems which enable the right care to be delivered in the right place, at the right time - leading to better outcomes. With the World Health Organisation setting a goal of increased investment in mental health as part of this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign, we’re committed to working together for digital care which changes people’s lives for the better.