National Record Locator set to help paramedics access the right information at the point of care in London

Servelec, a leading provider of digital care software, is happy to announce that Rio is now integrated with the National Record Locator (NRL) for Mental Health Crisis Plans (MHCP) at East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) and North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT). Working in partnership with NHS Digital (NHSD) and using Servelec’s cloud-based interoperability platform Conexes, the NRL will enable health and care workers at the trusts to access care record information to support an individual’s care.

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NHSD’s NRL service is an index of pointers that is used to locate records nationally. Over 37,000 pointers have been created by the trusts from their respective Rio electronic patient record systems to the NRL. These will allow the London Ambulance Service as well as ambulance crews across the country to access the most up-to-date mental health crisis plans via the Summary Care Record application when they are called on to help somebody in need. The records are retrieved in real time to create a PDF of the record. The ability to access a mental health crisis plan at the point of care ensures that those providing care are fully informed and can provide the most appropriate care.

Access to Mental Health Crisis Plans (MHCPs) gives paramedics visibility of a patient’s preferences and emergency contacts in the event of a mental health crisis, enabling them to deliver the most appropriate treatment. Sharing data in this way helps the patient in crisis, as the paramedic is able to triage more quickly and appropriately. Understanding the patient’s crisis can ensure they’re given the right treatment and only taken to the Emergency Department (ED) if it’s considered necessary, thereby enabling better outcomes. MHCPs contain information about safe places and key contacts for patients, allowing paramedics to contact the right people and make the patient feel as safe as possible.

Jo Clark, Head of Business Operations at Servelec commented, “We’ve been working in partnership with ELFT and NELFT for over ten years, providing their Rio electronic patient record systems. The recent Rio-to-NRL integration for MHCPs is another step in enabling joined-up care across London, with NELFT also recently going live with the Rio-to-National Events Management Solution (NEMS) integration in collaboration with NHSD.

“Facilitating data sharing across organisational and geographical boundaries is an important part of our work, and we continue to work with NHSD on national programmes designed to create better digital care nationally. There are four more NHS trusts due to go live with the Rio-to-NRL integration this month and the more trusts that sign up to this important national programme the more information paramedics will have access to when providing care. By working together to create joined-up health and care systems across different organisations and regions, we can ensure that people get the care they need.”

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