Mosaic supports Children’s social care services at Bracknell Forest Council

A social care case management system provides local authorities with the infrastructure for the successful delivery of social care services.  The management team at Bracknell Forest Council’s Children’s Services worked in close partnership with Servelec to plan and deliver their upgrade from Frameworki to the Mosaic case management solution.


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Servelec is pleased to announce the implementation of its leading case management solution, Mosaic, at Bracknell Forest Council.

The Council were keen to improve and inform decision making by their frontline staff by having key information available in the right place at the right time.  Following the upgrade, new functionality across group working, multi-disciplinary teams and multi-agency working is now available and will support the team at Bracknell Forest to deliver more efficient services and improved outcomes.  

One of the key ambitions for Bracknell Forest Council was the implementation of the Group Working functionality with Mosaic. Group Working is a core feature in Mosaic and allows social workers to see the whole family in one place providing a holistic view of the family. Social workers are able to look at the child in the context of the whole family and use the appropriate information about each family member to inform interventions.  

The ability to record information once in the Mosaic system helps to reduce duplication.  With the information accessible in one place this helps to reduce administrative time, enabling social workers to spend more time with service users.  The improved quality of data in the system provides a more accurate view of the case work with a child, young person and their family from one joint family summary record.

Alan Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer at Servelec said;

“We are delighted that Bracknell Forest Council has upgraded to Mosaic. Increasingly there is a desire amongst our local authority customers to consolidate their social care case management systems to support their future needs. Mosaic presents resource and cost efficiencies as well as a more complete knowledge base across the organisation, resulting in improved decision making and time saving benefits. We continue to work in close collaboration with Bracknell Forest Council to support their ambitions.”