Mosaic Live at Haringey Council

Servelec is delighted to announce that its Mosaic social care case management system is officially live in Haringey.


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As one of our longest-standing customers, the London Borough of Haringey has used our Frameworki Series solution since 2004.  More recently, the Council took the strategic decision to upgrade to our newest system version: Frameworki Series 5 (Mosaic).

As a result, we are thrilled to report that Mosaic has now gone live in Haringey, delivering the next generation of recording and reporting for children’s services, adult social care and health.

Our fully mobile-enabled solution means that social work and health professionals can share timely information about shared clients and patients, resulting in better informed decisions and ultimately, better outcomes.  

The move towards converged care is strategically critical for the UK, and Servelec is leading the way in helping to ensure that children, young people and adults are looked after in the most appropriate setting, by helping professionals to collaborate more effectively as a result of using our innovative technology.

This strategically important go-live would not have been possible without the exceptional efforts of both the Haringey and Servelec project teams.

Sarah Barter, Project Delivery Manager for Haringey Council says:

“I am delighted to announce that Haringey Council went live with Mosaic on Monday 2nd March. It is a huge achievement and we are proud to be the first of many London Authorities to be live.

Congratulations to all the staff involved! The collaboration between Haringey and Servelec meant the ‘go live’ was a great success, and on Monday our users started to use Mosaic.”

With a wave of further Mosaic implementations following throughout 2015, it is clear that Mosaic is the product everyone wants to use.